4 thoughts on “Two Quick Reminderations

  1. The Ghost Brigades tore me up. I’m stunned it isn’t even in the top twenty (though I voted for OMW, too, so I’m not complaining). Is OMW really that much more popular? Or is it more famous because it came first?

  2. IliadFan:

    It’s the first in the series so it’s the one people came in contact with first, which matters, and/or I suspect they’re voting for it as a general vote for the series.

  3. John @3
    I voted for OMW for the reason that you just stated. That being said, I think your best work in that series was in “Zoe’s Tale”. I’m serious, John, the section about Enzo and his family just breaks me up every time. I just did a reread last week and my wife came over and asked me why I looked like I was going to cry.

    23 years until enlistment and counting…

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