The Big Idea: Jo Walton

“Tell all the Truth but tell it slant,” wrote Emily Dickinson, “Success in Cirrcuit lies.” These lines have interesting resonance for Among Others, the new novel by World Fantasy Award winner Jo Walton, which uses some of the… Read More

Contest Update and Facebook Followup

Quick notes: Haiku Contest: I was going to announce it today but I think I’ll end up announcing it tomorrow or Friday. The reason for this: I have selected a winner (yay!) but I also want to name… Read More

January is the New February

February traditionally being the Month in Which My Daughter Doesn’t Get An Education, because of the high number of snow days at school. However, this year January seems to be making a run for the title, as she… Read More

Musicals From Science Fiction Films: My Picks

Ever lie awake at night wondering which science fiction movies could make excellent Broadway musicals? No? Well, why not? I do. And because I do, my Filmcritic.com column this week is on just that subject. Come find out… Read More

And Now, For No Particular Reason, a Rant About Facebook

A friend of mine noted recently that I seemed a little antagonistic about Facebook recently — mostly on my Facebook account, which is some irony for you — and wanted to know what I had against it. The… Read More

First One Publishing and 404 Pages

In the comments to this post about First One Publishing’s frankly terrible publishing contest, Whatever commenter Johnny Carruthers notes: I just tried to click on the page for the contest rules, and I got a 404 Not Found… Read More

The Big Idea: Kameron Hurley

When is a bounty hunter not a bounty hunter? The answer: when author Kameron Hurley writes about one. In that case, the bounty hunter becomes something more, and in becoming more, becomes the seed around which the culture… Read More

What My Daughter Doodles in School

Athena’s school is doing school-wide testing today (they were in school because of two snow days last week), so when she finished her testing, she used her free time to draw me a little picture. This is what… Read More

Quick Contest Update

First, thanks to everyone who entered my “naming” contest last week. There are about 750 qualifying entries, which a) is awesome, b) makes me glad I limited it to haiku, since I now have roughly 12,750 syllables to… Read More

Music For a Sunday Night

Because I’m apparently on a Petra Haden kick tonight, her and Bill Frisell’s version of Coldplay’s “Yellow,” which depending on your tastes may be better than the original. It’s from this album, which is excellent overall, and also… Read More

Today’s Writing Contest To Run Like Hell From

It’s this one, from an outfit called First One Digital Publishing. Why? Because it costs $149 to enter, and because of this little gem in the contest fine print: All submissions become sole property of Sponsor and will… Read More

And Now, Something to Send You Into the Weekend

From here. Enjoy.

This is the 6,000th Post on Whatever, So Obviously We Must Have a Picture of a Cat

There, that takes care of that. I’ll note strictly as a matter of accuracy that this is merely the 6,000th entry currently posted on Whatever; the extant archive only goes back to March 2002, which means that there’s… Read More

Why 2,000 Words Works For Me

I’ve noted that I’m doing a thing where I don’t check into the Internet until I write 2,000 words on my current book project or until noon. People have asked me why the stated quota is 2,000 words…. Read More

Farhad Manjoo is Right and I Will Go to This Barricade With Him

The vile perniciousness that is the second space after a period. If you do this, you are everything that is wrong and bad in this world. That is all.

Two Quick Reminderations

They are: * I have a contest: To be featured in my book, just write a haiku. * Tor.com has a poll: The decade’s best SF/F. Make your choices here. See? Quick.

Engaging in Flagrant Bipetuality

That’s right! She’ll pet both dogs and cats! At the same time! And she doesn’t care who knows it! SO THERE.

The Big Idea: Wendelin Van Draanen

One of the things I personally enjoy about the Big Idea series is that often I get to learn about the origins of the books here — the seed that take root and grow into stories, sometimes against… Read More

Obama Tucson Speech Discussion Thread

Folks have asked for a thread to talk about the President’s speech last night in Tucson (as well as the entire gathering in general), so, okay, here you go. Chat away. I’ll probably have more to say about… Read More

Snow Day Snaps

Because family fun is better with a thick layer of flaky frozen water!