The Two Sides of Athena

Take your pick: A little bit country: A little bit rock and roll: I kind of like them both, myself.

Out of It

I’ve been asked why I haven’t been writing exhaustively on Libya/Middle East/Wisconsin/Washington Budget Battles/Enter Topic Here over the last couple of weeks. The answer is pretty simple: I’m trying to finish a novel, so I have to decide… Read More

Deven at 40

My friend Deven Desai turns 40 today. As he was the young’n in our little group of friends, that means we are all officially middle-aged bastards. I hope he’s proud of himself. To celebrate his and our advancing… Read More

Another War Entirely In The Past

Pause a moment in your day to remember Frank Buckles, the last US veteran of World War I, who passed away yesterday at 110. As far as anyone knows, only two other WWI vets are alive in the… Read More

What Happens When All The Snow Melts At Once

Yesterday the temperatures went up 30 degrees in one day and we had a pretty gnarly thunderstorm, and the all the snow which covered our yard — and the rest of the landscape — melted in several hours…. Read More

Quick Oscar Wrapup

Well, once again I got five out of six in the Oscar’s big categories, but where I usually fall down in the Supporting Actress category, this year I whiffed on the Director category, as The King’s Speech’s Tom… Read More

Travelin’ Man

Krissy and I sat down with a calendar today and blocked out the dates and places I will traveling on and to, and, well, damn. Between now and the end of the year, thanks to tours, conventions, appearances… Read More

Look Who’s Back

That’s it. I’m done trying for the day.

Same Problem, Different Cat

Still cat-blocked. They’re insidious!

Can’t Update; Cat Blocking Keyboard Access

As you can see. Be back when/if cat moves.

Oscar Prediction Addendum

When this year’s Oscar nominations were announced I did my usual batch of predictions, and promised to check in if I wanted to tweak my opinions. Well, here are the tweaks: 1. I think at this point it’s… Read More

The Big Idea: Anton Strout

Super heroes have their appeal to authors — after all, what’s not to like about characters who have special powers and strengths? But there’s something to be said for the workaday hero, too: The schmoe who finds himself… Read More

OMW Movie News Addendum

Some quick followups and thoughts concerning yesterday’s movie news: 1. First, thank you to everyone who sent along congratulations and happy notes. They really did make my day. I’m glad you are all as excited out there as… Read More

Hey, Ever Wondered If There Would Ever Be an Old Man’s War Movie?

Well, then, you might want to read this. Also, yes, I’ll talk about it more in just a minute. Give me a second to update. Update: And here we go: 1. Yes, and obviously, I knew this was… Read More

The Big Idea: Sophie Littlefield

It is a renaissance time for zombie-related literature, which has its good and bad points. The good points include the fact that it make it easier for an author to sell a book with zombies in it. The… Read More

I Am Number Four Falls Down

I Am Number Four was the general consensus pick to win the box office during its opening holiday weekend — and it ended up in third place. How did that happen and what does it mean? I break… Read More

Just Arrived, 2/22/11

People send me books! I tell you about them. It’s a pretty good deal for me. Here’s some of what’s come by recently: * The King of the Elves, Philip K. Dick (Subterranean Press): You’ve heard of this… Read More

It Is a Good Day To Flog: A Promotion Thread

So, I have some things I want to draw attention to at the moment, promotion-wise, and as long as I’m doing that I’m going to go ahead and open up a promotion thread for everyone else, too, in… Read More

The 2010 Nebula Awards Nominees

Here’s our official press release. Feel free to post it and otherwise share it. SFWA Announces 2010 Nebula Awards Nominees Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America P.O. Box 877 Chestertown, MD 21620-0877  http://www.sfwa.org/ FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February… Read More

Gaaah, Monday

Working since 7:30 am and I still have things to do. Being a grown-up sucks. I blame you. EXPLAIN YOURSELF.