A Reminder To SFWA Members

You have until midnight Pacific time to get in your Nebula nominations for this year.

Here’s a list from authors of stuff you can nominate.

Here’s a list from readers of stuff you can nominate.

Here’s a photo of the panda I will have come to your house if you do not make those nominations.

That’s right, I have a panda on standby. Of course I have a panda on standby. I am the President of SFWA. We’re all about panda preparation.

Don’t make me break out the panda. Please nominate before midnight, Pacific time.

That is all.


18 thoughts on “A Reminder To SFWA Members

  1. Speaking of disappointments, I think the panda’s name should be ‘SyFy’. Just sayin’.

    And, NOT speaking of disappointments, Is that perhaps an old man’s panda?

    How many Scalzis does it weigh?

  2. I think I may have had something clever to say, but #1 has completely derailed my train of thought. So badly, in fact, I think the rail workers have gone on strike (or as it’s known in the UK, “Tuesday”). If I remember what it was, I’ll come back later.

  3. You do realize that, as sad and disappointed as this panda is, having a panda come to visit might be a net win for some folks…

  4. Awesome. “sad panda” is a regular reference in my interactions with my husband (pace the South Park episode mentioned above); this picture will now go in the arsenal. Many thanks! :)

  5. I was going to say some might miss on their noms just to get to see such a cute panda…then eris esoteric broke out the never say no to Panda video.

    If I were a member, I’d be nominating right now!

  6. As a fan of Ranma 1/2, I nominate “Genma” as the panda’s name. Although your panda isn’t quite as large as Genma becomes. And I’m sure that if your panda falls into hot water it doesn’t turn into an old man.

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