Look Who’s Back

That’s it. I’m done trying for the day.

36 Comments on “Look Who’s Back

  1. I notice John’s legs are now modestly clothed, and Lopsided Cat’s expression is no longer terrified.

    Maybe Chang was right.

  2. So you’ll be adding “Professional Cat Furniture” to your resume as soon as they let you reach the keyboard?

  3. O Great Scalzi, smart move on the big boy pants. Much more becoming.

    Except now we get a good view of your feet – and this is just wrong.

    The Official Ghlaghghee Fan Club

  4. Don’t you know it’s Caturday? Having come upon all three posts at once, I enjoy the sequence of costumes.

    Photo 1: shorts
    Photo 2: no pants???
    Photo 3: jeans

  5. I’m jealous.

    I can’t do things like this given the hobbitish amount of hair on the top of my feet.

  6. I just don’t think that there was serious effort put into the updating tries. What a good weekend.

  7. I am deeply, deeply traumatized by the implied nudity in the second picture;

  8. Once cats get you pinned down, it’s nearly impossible to move.

  9. That’s why you should always have a ready supply of cat toys within reach. Just a quick toss of a catnip filled mouse will often free oneself from furry domination.

  10. #19: One can never be truly “free” from feline domination. And they know it, too, trust me on this :-)

    On a completely different note: John, recently you recommended “Of Blood and Honey”, by Stina Leicht (sp), in one of your Big Idea posts. I ordered it immediately. Due to the subject matter, I thought my MIL (born in Ireland, raised in England) might enjoy it, so when it arrived I brought it to my inlaws’ to show it to her. She thanked me profusely, read it within a week, and now one of her sisters wants to borrow it.
    I had to explain to her that *I* hadn’t read it yet, and that I’d really just brought it over as a “you can have it when I’m done if you want it” kind of gesture.

    And hubby swore she didn’t like fantasy :-)

  11. It’s a catspiracy! Glenn Beck was right! The feline caliphate is nigh!

  12. John, rubbing catnip into your sweater does NOT constitute “trying”.

  13. I think there is a flaw in your “smaller desk” theory. Now there is no room for the cats on the desk, so they have no choice but to occupy your lap.
    Its your fault really. Its unfair to blame the cats.

  14. Obviously the cats feel neglected. In need of ‘quality time’. Your work is clearly not their priority.

    Play with us, or else
    Nothing will get done around
    Here; That’s a promise

  15. Yes Doctor, it’s the furriest case of writer’s block I’ve ever seen…

  16. You option a book and suddenly everyone is your friend.

  17. I love cats. I no longer have to invent reasons to procrastinate as they provide me with an ample excuses.

  18. Personally, I can write with two cats on my lap. Granted they only both jump on if I’m sitting in the usual position for typing, rather than reclined as you are in the picture. And combined they probably take up as much room as Lopsided Cat. The third cat is more of a detriment to typing if he needs lap time, because my wrists or the keyboard tray might touch him on occasion, which cannot be tolerated and must be punished with bloodletting.

  19. Experiencing d’ja vu.

    But I know it’s just me. I know it’ just me. I know …