Your Mind, It is Blown

Just when you thought Sunday couldn’t get weird.

10 Years in Ohio

We here at the Scalzi Compound passed a milestone this last week; ten years ago last week, we moved into our house here in Bradford, thereby beginning our sojourn here in Ohio. In the not too recent past… Read More

First, a Sunrise

There you go. Thought it might start your day off well.

Away From Internets

Wife and child are off bonding; I’m spending the day working on a novel. See you later.

Somehow Oddly Appropriate For a Friday Night

Just watch: And yes, when I was a college student, I remember being bored enough to do something like this. Hat tip.

I Am Running For SFWA President (Again)

Yes, as noted in passing earlier this month, I am running for a second one-year term as the president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Those of you who are members of SFWA can read… Read More

Today’s Quote From Elsewhere Which Resonated With Me, Seeing as I Was Once a Young Man, and Now Have a Daughter

It is: “The world does not need more young men who were raised to believe it is a woman’s job to endure them.” The comment is from this person, on this thread, over at Metafilter.

Wisconsin and Labor

They’re having an exciting time up there in Wisconsin at the moment, where the current rumor is that every single Democratic state senator has left the state in order to deny the state senate Republicans the quorum they… Read More

The Big Idea: Howard Andrew Jones

Writing as a travel opportunity: It’s something that authors take advantage of, as they build strange new places — and travel in time to strange old places — to show you what goes on there. Howard Andrew Jones… Read More

Borders, Bankruptcy and Writers

E-mails coming in today from people wondering how the Borders bankruptcy will affect writers in general and me in particular, with some others wondering if royalties for the books they buy at Borders will get to the authors… Read More

This Is My Favorite Rush Song And I Don’t Care Who Knows It

Although “Time Stand Still” is a close second. Yes, I know I like Rush songs from its “uncool” period (reckoned by hardcore Rush fans, not by everyone else, who will argue Rush was never cool). So be it…. Read More

Daisy’s Day Gets Better

Because one of the neighbor dogs wandered over to play with her. They ran around the yard for a good half hour, being goofballs. And yes, as you can see, the yard is now visible; it’s 54 degrees… Read More

Science Fiction and “Science Fantasy”

Over at Filmcritic.com this week, I talk about that thing people do when they say that some science fiction films should really be called “science fantasy,” because they’re more like fantasy films in space than “actual” science fiction…. Read More

This Morning’s Exciting Adventure!

Hey, Daisy! How did your encounter with that skunk go this morning? That well, huh. And in fact we’ve had a very exciting skunk-based morning here at the Scalzi Compound, including a vinegar-and-baking-soda bath for the dog (and… Read More

A Reminder To SFWA Members

You have until midnight Pacific time to get in your Nebula nominations for this year. Here’s a list from authors of stuff you can nominate. Here’s a list from readers of stuff you can nominate. Here’s a photo… Read More

The Big Idea: Greg Taylor

Every book featured in The Big Idea has a big idea behind it — heck, it’s implicit right there in the title. But how does one discover that big idea — and when one discovers it, how does… Read More

Remember, Today is International Grover Appreciation Day

Have you appreciated the best of all possible Muppets yet today? If not, here you go: Now go forth! And spread the gospel of Grover.

How the Unit of Measurement Known as the “Scalzi” Was Ascertained

This is a finely-calibrated, precision-oriented method, I will have you know. Shortly thereafter the scales were occupied by a duck and by a woman with a carrot tied to her nose. I have no idea what that was… Read More

Dear People Who Just Anonymously Sent Me A Large Package Which Included a Typewritten Note Asking Only If I Want To Know More

The answer: No, not really. More specifically: Look, not to be a dick about these things, and I know you mean well, but I get sent several packages a day from people who want me to promote things… Read More

Home Again

And in case you’re wondering, this is what a “scalzi” worth of Coke Zero looks like. The cats are added for scale. More later, but I have to do a bit of work now. Something about being away… Read More