Why, Hello, My Little French Book

I can has French versions of Agent to the Stars! I really do love the cover, by Paul Kidby. Especially the frog. It cracks me up every single time. Man, I love my life.

Slightly Less Than Spring

Pictures from a 37 degree day.

The Big Idea: Douglas Hulick

Some say that dictionaries are descriptive, some say they are prescriptive — but how many say that they are inspirational? Douglas Hulick is one of the (I assume) relatively few in that last category, and he’s here to… Read More


That was the number I had in mind for yesterday’s contest, and this was the fellow who picked it first. Congratulations, Mike, and thanks everybody for playing. I will probably give away at least a couple more ARCs… Read More

Today’s Installment of “Attractive Singer Sings a Sad, Pretty Song”

The band: Fisher. The song’s been about for a while, but it gets me every time, it does. I’m sentimental. So there.

Did You Know March 30 Is International Give Away an ARC of Fuzzy Nation on Whatever Day?

It totally is! I have a proclamation from the United Nations and everything! Actually, it’s not from the UN, it’s from my cat. And he didn’t so much proclaim it so much as stare at me unblinkingly with… Read More

Science Fiction Film, Briefly

This week at FilmCritic.com, I decided to let other people do my work for me leverage the synergistic possibilities of social media by having people ask me science fiction and fantasy film-related questions on Twitter, to which I… Read More

It’s Like Waking Up in 1993 All Over Again

Seriously, man. It’s like the kids in this band were fed nothing but a diet of Siamese Dream and Wish since they were, like, five. The rest of the album is pretty much more of the same. Which… Read More

I See No Possible Way How This Incredible Cover Letter Could Ever Fail

As a preface: I did not write this. I might have exploded had I tried. —- [Author and address redacted] Dear [Agent / Editor] Prepare to be blown away.  In your hands you hold the first four pages… Read More

The Big Idea: Derryl Murphy

They say travel broadens the mind, but for Derryl Murphy, it did more than that: It helped to write his newest novel, Napier’s Bones, and did so not just on a practical level (that is, of allowing him… Read More

Yes, I’ve Seen the Latest Author Review Implosion

And so will you, if you follow this link. It’s starts in the first comment, and then doesn’t so much go downhill as plunge rapidly, as if down a mineshaft. Authors, aspiring and otherwise: See what this author… Read More

Not Dead, Merely Uninteresting

In case you were wondering about the paucity of updates today. Hey, sometimes it happens, you know?

iPad Glitchery

I was alerted by a reader that for some reason the site wasn’t coming through on iPads. I told her to check her iPad browser cache, but then I checked my own iPad and had the same problem…. Read More

My Coke Zero Methadone

People have been asking me how I’m dealing with my Lent-esque commitment to keep from drinking Coke Zero through Easter. The answer is that it’s been going pretty well. The commitment was to stop drinking Coke Zero, but… Read More

Diana Wynne Jones

News is coming across the Twitter that writer Diana Wynne Jones passed away in the night; I imagine it will be confirmed by official sources soon enough. I have no connection to Jones other than as a reader,… Read More

Just Arrived 3/25/11

Look! Books! Here’s some of what’s been sent to me recently: * The Physics of the Future, by Michio Kaku (Doubleday): The subtitle to this pop science book proclaims “How science will shape human destiny and our daily… Read More

I Like Amanda Hocking

She just seems so darn sensible, that’s why. For example, when she talks about why, even after she made a name for herself self-publishing electronically, she took a $2 million advance from St. Martin’s Press for an upcoming… Read More

The Big Idea: Jesse Bullington

In some ways, writing a novel is as much about giving your characters space to introduce themselves — especially to you, their author — as it is giving them a plot so they will have something to do…. Read More

Fuzzy Nation Audio, Book Tour Venue Change in Dayton, and Other Stuff

An all-night drive, two hours of sleep and a morning spent arguing with my computer about connecting to the Internet has not inspired me to new heights of creative genius, so instead I’m going to catch you all… Read More

Computer Nonsensery

Desktop computer’s ethernet connection doesn’t want to ether today, which naturally presents a host of problems. So guess what I’m doing with my morning? Be back later.