And Now Something Entirely Unrelated to Me

Except that I find the song strange and compelling. Enjoy.

From this album.

9 Comments on “And Now Something Entirely Unrelated to Me

  1. What’s your opinion of Sigur Rós? If dreamy Scandinavian crooning is your thing.

  2. Took me until about the end of the first verse to even understand what she was saying. Pretty song, even so.

  3. Funny, I just listened to a live performance of her on KCRW this morning…

  4. If you like this you might also enjoy
    Lissie – Everywhere I Go
    It was used for the ending of one of the latter Dollhouse episodes.

  5. I think I would like to hear the Cranberries cover this one.

  6. My Comcast Program Guide says Lykke Li is going to be on Conan (TBS) tonight. The whole show should be online at eventually.