What I’m Giving Up For Lent*

We were talking to Athena today about Lent, and what it means in a religious sense that during Lent people give things up, and how, if you’re serious about Lent, you don’t give up something you won’t miss,… Read More

Amanda Hocking and Self-Publishing

Tons of e-mails recently from people who want to know what I think about Amanda Hocking or [insert some other self-published e-book author here] and the fact they’re selling lots of self-published ebooks via the Kindle and so… Read More

Some Alien Invasions Are Better Than Others

Over at the FilmCritic.com site this week, and in honor of the upcoming Battle: Los Angeles film, I take a look at previous cinematic alien invasions and grade them in terms of style and effectiveness. Because, you know…. Read More