Reader Request Week 2011 #2: The End of Whatever

Todd Stull asks: At what point could you foresee ending the Whatever? When you become fabulously rich and (more) famous? When John Cusack rolls up in an airplane on your lawn and bits of the planet are splitting… Read More

Lopsided Cat Shows You His Bearskin Rug Imitation

It’s uncanny, is what it is. That is, until you get the frontal view: Which is less “bear” and more “Do you mind? I’m napping here.” Fair enough, Lopsided Cat. Fair enough.

Reader Request Week 2011 #1: Children and Faith

Alphager asks: As far as I understand from your lent-related post, you are an atheist/agnostic and encourage your daughter to take an interest in religions in general and the christian faiths in particular. Can you explain how that… Read More