2011 Reader Request Week Recap

Just in case you missed any of these when they first showed up:

Reader Request Week 2011 #1: Children and Faith

Reader Request Week 2011 #2: The End of Whatever

Reader Request Week 2011 #3: Middle Ages Me

Reader Request Week 2011 #4: Old Man’s War and the Best SF/F Novel of the Decade

Reader Request Week 2011 #5: Taking Compliments

Reader Request Week 2011 #6: Sociopathic Corporations

Reader Request Week 2011 #7: Unruly Fans

Reader Request Week 2011 #8: Short Bits ’11

Reader Request Week 2011 #9: Writery Bits ’11

Thanks everyone who submitted requests! Remember, you don’t have to wait until the annual Reader Request Week to suggest a topic — you can e-mail me with a topic idea any time.

2 thoughts on “2011 Reader Request Week Recap

  1. Drat! I neglected to ask the most burning query of all time, John. What is the story behind the phrases you append to your website in the upper left-hand corner of the first Whatever home screen? Today the phrase is “A clever but disturbed schoolboy.” Have you ever explained to us Whateverites what is going on with the phrases? Gems you spy that caught your interest enough to spend a few days on site? Quotations pulled from among you mass of published writing? Future story ideas? Too late now to ask for a quick explanation?

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