Fuzzy Nation Starred Review in Publishers Weekly

The first media review of Fuzzy Nation is in from Publishers Weekly, and it’s got a star and everything. Click through that link for the whole review (PW deserves your eyeballs), but here’s what I’m pretty sure will be the eventual pull-quote (whole or in parts) for the later editions:

A perfectly executed plot clicks its way to a stunning courtroom showdown in a cathartic finish that will thrill Fuzzy fans old and new.

I’ll take that. Yes I will.

Hey, spring is turning out all right so far!

How is your day?

39 Comments on “Fuzzy Nation Starred Review in Publishers Weekly

  1. Shortly after reading this post:

    “Hey, a review? That must mean the book is available!”

    *Checks release date on Amazon.com*

    “Wait, May 10?!?”

    You’re an evil man, Scalzi. In a good way, but still….

  2. Still waiting. Am I missing any posts where you agonized over whether a given manuscript of yours would be picked up or not? I need company in my pain.

  3. I’m glad Fuzzy Nation is doing so well. Spring has started here, but it’s snowing. How beautiful. It’s also my 14th wedding anniversary, so I would say things are going well. Have a wonderful day John!

  4. Wonderful news! I can’t wait to read it!
    My day? Thanks for asking! After a long weekend visiting family and getting home late I’m a…little fuzzy. (smirks and gets back to work)

  5. Excellent review. Congratz!

    I am looking forward to buying one and having it signed when you arrive in Salt Lake City.

  6. Congrats! You must be very pleased! And meanwhile, in Edmonton, not a hint of spring on the horizon today. Flurries, slightly below 0C, snow everywhere.

  7. Eeek! Courtroom drama…? I do not know anything about the original source material but “courtroom showdown” would have been my last guess as to what type of book this is.

  8. Congrats, Mr. Scalzi, that’s a very nice review there. So when’s the audiobook coming… :)

  9. YoYo@12: The original also ends with a courtroom showdown.

  10. Congratulations! Is this your first PW starred review?

  11. Congratulations! :-)

    Congratulations also to blainesgirl, on your 14th wedding anniversary. Hubby and I celebrated our sixth on Mar 12.


  12. I used to work for a printing company. It was an entry level job, but one of the few perks was access to the company subscription to Publisher’s Weekly. I haven’t read too many since I left, but I’m sure they are at my local library.

  13. I just pre-ordered Fuzzy Nation for my Kindle. I figure this is the fastest way I could get a copy.. ( watches clock) .

  14. Want Fuzzy.

    Also: is not snowing here. Instead is fluffy rain.

    NOT. SNOW.

    That is all.

  15. First good review of many I’m sure.

    I enjoyed Little Fuzzy thanks to Mr. Scalzi, and now I’m really looking forward to Fuzzy Nation.

  16. pardon my ignorance – is 1 star good?

  17. In this case, yes, it’s good. When PW gives a star to a book, it’s signaling that it’s one of the standout books of the week.

  18. well then extra gongrats on the star as well as for great review (I’ve already pre-orderd from amazon – for some reason I cannot do pre-orders on my sony reader portal – are you listening Sony? you just lost $15)

  19. John, if one were to get the original Piper book and your book, is there an order you’d recommend to read them?

  20. I noticed this in the PW review: “…changes the hero from a grandfatherly miner to a handsome hunk…”
    Heinlein used to write himself into every book, too. .

  21. WizardDru:

    I don’t think it matters, although Piper’s book is already available, which makes it easy to read it first.

  22. Congrats, John, I wish you well and hope that I can buy the book before my library gets a copy. It they get it before I get some cash, I will save up and buy The God Engines . Keep writing & inspiring.

  23. Spring? What spring? Mother nature decided that it would be just a little bit funny to dump 15cm (that’s over a foot!) of snow on my corner of the world…

  24. although Piper’s book is already available,

    And for only $0.99 on the nook, no less. In three different editions! Done and done.

  25. I know I’m way the hell early – but do the prospects of an audiobook version look like, John? I’m snorting Audible like an 80’s movie star . .

  26. Congratulations John! I also read the Piper book because of interest in your re-boot. I enjoyed all the drinking and smoking. It sure took me back to earlier times! I think they spent the whole book in a drunken smoky haze. ha ha! I look forward to your take on the story.

  27. Congratulations!

    @#25: “When PW gives a star to a book, it’s signaling that it’s one of the standout books of the week.”

    So much for disintermediation.

    Yes, there can be value added in a hierarchy of editorial opinions by People With a Clue.

    As to the misunderstandings about Nabakov, in a recent thread, a writer’s writer’s writer, you might ask Dr Mary Turzillo. Nabakov was one of her 3 PhD dissertation examples, in depth, on Unreliable Narrators.

    The misunderstadning comes, perhaps, from someone who took Humbert Humbert at his word.