ZOMG The Streams Are Crossing!

Holy crap, a long-time print author is going to try self-publishing electronically! This changes everything!!! Holy crap, a hot young self-published author is going to try being published conventionally! This changes everything!!! (sprays everybody down with a garden… Read More

You All Wish You Could Have Such a Blurb From Me

Gaze, if you will, upon the blurb I provided Sam Sykes, featured on his latest book Black Halo, which is out today: And yes, in fact, it is quite an endorsement when in fact I do not wish… Read More

The Big Idea: Lyda Morehouse

Nature is a strange and fascinating thing, and for the theologically and/or teleologically minded, it raises some interesting questions. It certainly did for Lyda Morehouse, who in writing up her latest novel Resurrection Code looked at some curious… Read More