It’s Like Waking Up in 1993 All Over Again

Seriously, man. It’s like the kids in this band were fed nothing but a diet of Siamese Dream and Wish since they were, like, five. The rest of the album is pretty much more of the same. Which… Read More

I See No Possible Way How This Incredible Cover Letter Could Ever Fail

As a preface: I did not write this. I might have exploded had I tried. —- [Author and address redacted] Dear [Agent / Editor] Prepare to be blown away.  In your hands you hold the first four pages… Read More

The Big Idea: Derryl Murphy

They say travel broadens the mind, but for Derryl Murphy, it did more than that: It helped to write his newest novel, Napier’s Bones, and did so not just on a practical level (that is, of allowing him… Read More