Away For the Day; Suggest a Writer’s Blog

I’m traveling later in the day to see a friend, which means I have some non-blog related tasks to attend to first, which means I AM LEAVING YOU. For the rest of the day, not forever. UNLESS I… Read More

Tales for Canterbury

My excellent friend Karen Healey wrote me today with this: I think that your Whatever readers might be interested in Tales for Canterbury. It’s an anthology of original and reprinted short stories in electronic and print form, the… Read More

Women Directors and Writers (Or the Lack Thereof) in SF Film

This week at FilmCritic.com, I ask: Where are the women writers and directors in science fiction film? Because, hey, there aren’t very many. At all. Is this a general problem of women writers/directors being thin on the ground… Read More

ZOMG The Streams Are Crossing!

Holy crap, a long-time print author is going to try self-publishing electronically! This changes everything!!! Holy crap, a hot young self-published author is going to try being published conventionally! This changes everything!!! (sprays everybody down with a garden… Read More

You All Wish You Could Have Such a Blurb From Me

Gaze, if you will, upon the blurb I provided Sam Sykes, featured on his latest book Black Halo, which is out today: And yes, in fact, it is quite an endorsement when in fact I do not wish… Read More

The Big Idea: Lyda Morehouse

Nature is a strange and fascinating thing, and for the theologically and/or teleologically minded, it raises some interesting questions. It certainly did for Lyda Morehouse, who in writing up her latest novel Resurrection Code looked at some curious… Read More

Reminder Re: Hugos and Nebulas Voting

Two quick reminders for all y’all: 1. Regarding the Hugos, this is the last week you can nominate for this year’s awards, which will be presented at Renovation, this year’s Worldcon, in Reno. You can nominate for the… Read More

Spanish Android’s Dream Cover Art

Dig it, because I do: Here’s my publisher’s page for the book. If you’re in Spain or thereabouts, it will be out and about on May 4.

Fuzzy Nation Starred Review in Publishers Weekly

The first media review of Fuzzy Nation is in from Publishers Weekly, and it’s got a star and everything. Click through that link for the whole review (PW deserves your eyeballs), but here’s what I’m pretty sure will… Read More

Who Ordered the Sunset With Extra Photoshopping?

Because I have it here: No, I can’t take it back. It’s a special order. Here, it’s yours. (walks off)

The Electronic Publishing Bingo Card

Because someone had to do it, and why not me. For those of you unfamiliar with the “Bingo Card” concept, basically, if you see one or more of your favorite arguments for how ZOMG EPUBBING WILL CHANGE THE… Read More

2011 Reader Request Week Recap

Just in case you missed any of these when they first showed up: Reader Request Week 2011 #1: Children and Faith Reader Request Week 2011 #2: The End of Whatever Reader Request Week 2011 #3: Middle Ages Me Reader Request Week… Read More

And Now I Must Leave You

I got handed a fairly awesome yet last minute commission, so that’s what I’ll be doing with my weekend, not hanging around here. But look! I’m leaving you music. From this band, and this album. Have a good… Read More

My Musings on Corporations Will Be Graded

Stephen Bainbridge, a Whatever reader and also the William D. Warren Distinguished Professor of Law at UCLA, where he teaches business associations, advanced corporation law and a seminar on corporate governance, takes a look at my recent discussion… Read More

Reader Request Week 2011 #9: Writery Bits ’11

In which I write up some stuff about writing, based on your requests: Mike Young: If something horrible were to happen to you, is there any writer you would feel comfortable having them finish you work? Or would… Read More

Reader Request Week 2011 #8: Short Bits ’11

And now, some shorter answers to questions asked this week. These are ones not related to writing. The writing ones are coming later. So: AmyLikesToDraw: I’m really interested in hearing how other freelancers – writers, fellow illustrators/designers, musicians… Read More

One For the Dog Lovers

Don’t say I never do anything for you guys. And there’s even green for St. Pat’s.

Reader Request Week #7: Unruly Fans

Kenneth B asks: Have your experiences with SF Fandom been mostly positive? Negative? Some mix of the two? The question was prompted by my recent re-reading of Harlan Ellison’s essay “Xenogenesis,” wherein he describes some of the indignities… Read More

Reader Request Week 2011 #6: Sociopathic Corporations

Arrow Quivershaft asks: How can we justify treating multinational corporations as people, despite the fact that most of them act like clinical sociopaths in general action? Well, the FCC v. AT&T ruling suggests that in fact there’s a… Read More

The Big Idea: M.J. Locke

M.J. Locke is riding a wave with Up Against It, including a starred review in Publishers Weekly (“Compulsively readable and packed with challenging ideas… this smart, satisfying hard SF adventure celebrates human resilience”) and the sort of fellow… Read More