Guess the Alpha Pet in This Relationship

Go on, guess!

Mind you, the cat has a history of dog bed appropriation. When your name is Zeus, I guess you just think it’s your due.

24 Comments on “Guess the Alpha Pet in This Relationship

  1. Cats always think they are superior, just because they have such sharp claws!

  2. =chuckles= Reminds me of when I was a kid. I’d look outside when it was raining & see the dog sitting out in the rain ’cause the cat had appropriated his doghouse again.

  3. Well, his name is Zeus – what chance does Daisy have against the ruler of the gods?

  4. This photo makes me so happy. You did this to yourself, you know. I have a friend who named his new kitten “Chaos.” She lived up to her name. I’m just sayin’.

  5. The look on Daisy’s face makes the picture. That dog does martyr so well.

  6. I have an almost identical picture of my cat in the dog’s crate and the dog sleeping on the hardwood floor just outside of it. The cat doesn’t seem to understand that the dog is 5 times his size!

  7. That dog looks profoundly forlorn. Much like my friend’s German shepherd, who whenever I go over there puts his chin in my lap and looks up at me like he’s trying to say, “They never pet me, you know. Ever.”

  8. He’s Temp-Cat Zeus
    he done paid his dues,
      now he lays his haid
      on a doggie bed…
    or anywhere else he choose.

  9. The dog of the house is always the omega, forever and ever. Sorry Daisy, that’s just the way it is.

  10. So what Zeus is implying is that in order for me to reclaim MY bed from MY cat, I need to get a big dog and then a big dog bed. Got it!

  11. It is entirely appropriate that our Feline Overlords exert their innate superiority over their merely Canine co-habitants.

  12. That’s not so bad. The newest, youngest cat just stole the dog’s pillow and the entire loveseat that the pillow rests upon.

  13. Keri@14,

    Remember, there are two more cats in the household. They are probably occupying the other beds.

  14. My reaction….some serious laughing!! Thanks John I needed that!

  15. We’ve had our 85-pound sweet mutt of a dog since she was very young and much smaller than our oldest cats. They are still the Bosses Of Her. (Also, she tends to bathe herself cat-style, which is kind of amusing.)

  16. I like how they both have the same paw stretched outward, and the other tucked away from sight. Synchronized napping at its finest.

  17. #10: So what if the dog is five times the cat’s size? Cats are always in charge! Surely you know that?

    Years ago, my family’s female Siamese was stretched out sideways on one of our kitchen chairs, which had vertical wooden slats along the back. Our male Dalmatian came up and started sniffing at her paws, which were poking out between the slats. She glared at him, and before he knew what was happening, she’d whacked him on both sides of his face, claws fully extended.

    Have I mentioned cats are always in charge?


  18. #11: I don’t know if it’s specific to German shepherds or what, but my inlaws’ female shepherd does the same thing. That dog is spoiled beyond belief, but you’d never know it from the way she acts when we come to visit. “They never pet me, you know. Ever.” sums it up rather nicely.