14 thoughts on “Heading Home

  1. Better for the police to be closing in than the power hungry, intelligent life, creative thinking leader of the world hunting aliens to be after you. Have fun on your trip home.

  2. Thanks for visiting Minnesota, John. Enjoyed the panels and sharing your Coke Zero moment on Sunday. I’ll return to lurking now.

  3. It was very nice having you in our little nexus of strange. (I’m the guy who was chatting with you while your daughter was card sharking larger, older mammals. I was bummed that I missed the creationism museum slideshow because I had to get pictures of my son dressed as Alexander The Great [duty calls]).

    Fly safe!

  4. Caladan: My husband’s Siamese, Kato, used to steal bacon out of the frying pan as my MIL was cooking it. Picture that in your mind, and there you have both cat *and* bacon! What could be better?


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