Athena and the Pre-CGI Effects Films of Death!

My FilmCritic.com column is back on its regular schedule, and this week my daughter (seen above, scowling dramatically) passes judgement on all effects-laden films prior to Jurassic Park and finds them completely unacceptable. Why does she do this… Read More

Surprise! I Have Another Fuzzy Nation ARC to Give Away

I’m traveling later in the week, so I figure I should probably give one away now, you know? Here’s how we’re playing it this time: 1. I asked my daughter to think of a number between one and… Read More

Just Arrived, 4/12/11

Catching up on what’s come to the Scalzi Compound: * The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Dreadnaught, Jack Campbell (Ace): Campbell’s very popular space opera series featuring Captain john “Black Jack” Geary jumps into hardcover for the first… Read More

The Big Idea: Peter Orullian

Choices, motivations, and the unintended consequences thereof — heady stuff for any novel, much less a series. In The Unremembered, the debut fantasy novel from Peter Orullian, which is in itself the first novel in a six book… Read More

Cat With Books

Zeus sits among the books I have received in the last week or so and does not judge me for not having put up a new “Just Arrived” piece. He does judge me for having so many books… Read More

My Minicon 46 Schedule

A reminder to Minnesotans, Wisconsinites, Iowans and Dakotans (and, heck, Manitobans and Ontarians) that I’ll be among all y’all in less than two weeks, as Substitute Guest of Honor at Minicon 46 in Bloomington, Minnesota, which you can… Read More

Your Hyperrealistic Movie Future

My FilmCritic.com column for last week got posted a bit late because of some site redesign issues, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still absolutely critical to your life as you know it. This column is talking about… Read More

Daisy and Lopsided Cat Pose For Their Spring Portraits

And as you can see, it was a lovely day for it. So lovely, in fact, that I spent most of it away from the computer. And I would do it again. Don’t worry; tomorrow’s supposed to be… Read More

Today’s Disturbing Biological Oddity

And you say, what’s so odd or disturbing about buds on a tree? It’s spring, after all. Only this: These buds, and hundreds more, are on branches which have been severed from their tree since October. These branches… Read More

Why I Didn’t Write About the Shutdown That Wasn’t

In e-mail a couple of you wondered why I didn’t participate in Shutdown-mania last week, while all the cool kids were kvetching about it and explaining why it would be a politically horrible event for [insert whichever politician… Read More

9:37 PM

This was the time I had in my head for yesterday’s Fuzzy Nation ARC giveaway. Which means that Whatever reader Shmuel wins, because he picked the right time to post. Timing is everything. Congratulations to him. For everyone… Read More

Hey, I Have Another Signed Fuzzy Nation ARC to Give Away

This time, I am thinking of a particular moment of time between RIGHT THIS SECOND and 11:59pm Eastern time tonight (that being April 8, 2011), and have told my wife WHO DOES NOT LIE what time it is…. Read More

My Day’s Been Oddly Surreal, So Here’s a Nice Picture of My Kid and the Dog

I could tell you why it’s been surreal, but I promise you that you simply wouldn’t believe me. So enjoy the pretty picture instead, okay?

Achievement Unlocked: New York Appearance

For all you folks in New York City who were complaining that I never come to see you when I tour: FINE. I’M COMING. Are you happy now? Specifically, I’m coming to be a part of this, sponsored… Read More

Sunset, April 6, 2011

Hope yours today is just as pretty.

Revenue Streams 2010

In my continuing quest to demystify things related to the business of writing, at least inasmuch as they relate to me, today I am going to talk revenue streams. As many of you know, I am a huge… Read More

Today’s Ridiculous Fanboy Extravagance

It’s the limited edition (number 864 out of a 1,000) Elfman/Burton music box, featuring CDs of the soundtracks to every Tim Burton film that Danny Elfman has scored (as well as a flash drive with the same, which… Read More

Oh, and About That Cover Letter

You remember the one. Here’s the story on that. It’s the work of a friend of mine, and was specifically designed to terrify an editor. Which it did. So well done him. I realize that some of you… Read More

In Which I Reveal That TSWOTNDBOTDC Is Totally Not Real

Oh, don’t look so shocked. You knew this was coming. That said, with the exception of suggesting in a comment that whichever of the characters on the cover one found the most attractive was modeled after me —… Read More

My Shiny New Vehicle

No, not the Mini Cooper Countryman. That’s currently on a boat in the Atlantic (seriously, it is; I know because the nice saleslady who sold us the car calls us every now and again to give us an… Read More