Sunset, 5/3/11

The first sunset picture taken with the new camera. Not too bad.

11 Comments on “Sunset, 5/3/11

  1. What do you mean, not too bad? Can’t you see the cloud shaped like a thunderbird, swooping in to eat you?

    Scalzi? Scalzi?


  2. How come that new camera takes pictures that are a year old? I’d get a refund.

  3. Well, that’s the color of the sky on your world.

  4. The ancestral homeland. Lovely!

  5. Beautiful — but where did you see sun in Ohio? Over here in Auglaize County we haven’t seen that strange orange glow in the sky for days, and days, and days…

  6. deb zwez @7: I have the same question down here in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) !!

  7. Yes, not bad.. Still , can adjust the camera settings turning into a night mode.. It will helps a bit to make seen the black space..