From the Department of Dogs and Cats Living Together

Zeus and Daisy pose for your delight and wish you a happy weekend.

In Progress Product Review

I made a couple of substantial purchases last week and people have been asking me what I think of the purchases so far. So in the interest of consumer information, your in-progress product reviews: 1. The Mini Cooper… Read More

Speaking of Little Fuzzy

While you’re counting down the days waiting for Fuzzy Nation to come out, why not pick yourself up a copy of the book that inspired it, and whose story my novel reboots? It’ll be fun for you to… Read More

And Now, a Sample of the Fuzzy Nation Audiobook

I hear that many of you like them there audiobook thingies, which you listen to while you travel in your cars or whatnot. I fully support this — listening to an audiobook is much safer for you and… Read More