Paul & Storm & Scalzi: The Podcast

As you all know by now, Paul & Storm have written and performed the most awesome power ballad EVAR to celebrate the release of Fuzzy Nation. But if you’re only listening to “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)” you’re not… Read More


In addition to it being the release date of Fuzzy Nation and the start of my book tour, today also happens to be my birthday. I am now forty-two years old, which if you’re a science fiction geek… Read More

Fuzzy Nation: It Is Upon You!

Hey! My newest novel Fuzzy Nation is out today! Read the fabulous excerpts! Chapters one and two. Chapters three and four. Hear the spectacular audiobook excerpt! Read by Wil Wheaton, no less. Gaze upon the blush-inducing reviews! Publishers… Read More