Daily Archives: May 18, 2011

Seattle Surprises

I had promised folk in Seattle that since they had to pay money to attend my tour event, that I would bring them something special. I brought them two things (that’s value!). Here’s the first:

That’s musician Molly Lewis, on hand to do an acoustic ukulele version of “Fuzzy Man,” and who did an excellent job of it, especially considering the timeframe in which she had to learn the thing. Paul and Storm should be proud.

The second surprise:

Yes, that’s right, we brought an actual fuzzy to the event! Here it is, along with handler Mary Robinette Kowal, talking to the crowd about life, the universe and everything. Like it would. And you might also notice the absolutely adorable fuzzy plush toy it is carrying, a gift from a very nice young woman in the audience who did not know when she gave it to me earlier in the evening that it would soon be hugged and loved by a fuzzy. See, I told you the evening would bring surprises.

(For those who want a more serious answer to the above picture, I commissioned Mary, who is an experienced puppeteer, to make me a fuzzy. She did a simply fantastic job and I recommend her for all your puppetry needs.)

I need to take a moment to publicly thank both Molly and Mary for being part of the event and I really regret not being able to take them on the whole tour. They made a really good event into one of the best I ever had. And so did the crowd. Thank you, guys. I love me some Seattle.

(Photos by Jeff Slostad, who has pictures of the event up on Flickr.)