A Washington, DC Signing Appearance (With Many Other Authors)

While Washington DC is not officially on my book tour, nevertheless I will be there between the 19th and 22nd for the Nebula Awards Weekend, at which SFWA, the writers’ organization of which I am president, will hand… Read More

In Which I Answer a Whole Bunch of Questions at Reddit

Last week I was the subject of an “Ask Me Anything” thread at Reddit, and folks there asked me a whole bunch of questions about science fiction, Stargate Universe, the Old Man’s War movie, my life and work,… Read More

Paul & Storm & Scalzi: The Podcast

As you all know by now, Paul & Storm have written and performed the most awesome power ballad EVAR to celebrate the release of Fuzzy Nation. But if you’re only listening to “Fuzzy Man (Fuzzy Nation)” you’re not… Read More


In addition to it being the release date of Fuzzy Nation and the start of my book tour, today also happens to be my birthday. I am now forty-two years old, which if you’re a science fiction geek… Read More

Fuzzy Nation: It Is Upon You!

Hey! My newest novel Fuzzy Nation is out today! Read the fabulous excerpts! Chapters one and two. Chapters three and four. Hear the spectacular audiobook excerpt! Read by Wil Wheaton, no less. Gaze upon the blush-inducing reviews! Publishers… Read More

Not Nervous, Just Nervous

In the e-mail, a question about the book release tomorrow: Are you nervous? About the book release? No. The book is done, I wrote it as well as I could, reviews are in, we’ve done all the pre-publicity… Read More

Signed Copies at Jay and Mary’s

One of my tasks for the day was to head down to Jay and Mary’s Book Center, my local indie bookstore, and sign their box of Fuzzy Nations, prior to their going on sale tomorrow. So if you… Read More

Fuzzypalooza at SFReviews.net (Plus DDN Review)

The SFReviews.net site is featuring a Fuzzy Week, in which reviewer Thomas M. Wagner is going through and reviewing H. Beam Piper’s three Fuzzy books as well as the two authorized sequels, by William Tuning and Ardath Mayhar… Read More

Look, I Don’t Want to Tell You Your Business —

— But if you happen to be up at midnight Eastern time, you definitely want to come round here. In fact, if you’re not up at midnight Eastern time, you might want to set your alarm clock so… Read More

Mother’s Day Sunset

Because I know you were asking yourself what the sunset looked like from where I was. Now you know. Go on about your lives, thus satisfied.

The Giveaway Winner(s)

The answer to yesterday’s contest was: Uluru, also known as Ayer’s Rock. Greg Briggs was the first to answer correctly, so he wins the signed, personalized hardcover of Fuzzy Nation. However, his comment was also the fourth comment… Read More

Happy Mother’s Day

To those of you who are moms, and to those of you who ever had a mom. I think that covers most of us (at least biologically speaking).

One More Fuzzy Nation Giveaway

Just a couple of days before the release of Fuzzy Nation, and what better time to give away a signed, personalized copy of the hardcover first edition? No better time, I say! None! Here’s how to win it:… Read More

From the Department of Dogs and Cats Living Together

Zeus and Daisy pose for your delight and wish you a happy weekend.

In Progress Product Review

I made a couple of substantial purchases last week and people have been asking me what I think of the purchases so far. So in the interest of consumer information, your in-progress product reviews: 1. The Mini Cooper… Read More

Speaking of Little Fuzzy

While you’re counting down the days waiting for Fuzzy Nation to come out, why not pick yourself up a copy of the book that inspired it, and whose story my novel reboots? It’ll be fun for you to… Read More

And Now, a Sample of the Fuzzy Nation Audiobook

I hear that many of you like them there audiobook thingies, which you listen to while you travel in your cars or whatnot. I fully support this — listening to an audiobook is much safer for you and… Read More

A Couple of Personal Announcements

Which I kept meaning to post earlier in the day, but I kept being distracted by something awesome which I will share with you soon but not yet. Just rest assured that it will be awesome. But in… Read More

My Other May Book Release

On my doorstep today: finished copies of the Subterranean Press limited edition version of Zoe’s Tale, featuring this fantastic cover (and equally fantastic interior art) done by Vincent Chong. The folks at SubPress tell me that the book… Read More

The Big Idea: Christopher Farnsworth

So, The President’s Vampire is about — as the title suggests — a vampire who is in the employ of the U.S. President, and who from time to time does certain tasks that only an undead creature could… Read More