My Writer’s Digest Interview Now Online

And with the headline, “Science Fiction Author John Scalzi Explains How Not to Be Boring.” Usually the answer to that is “Spangles! And lots of them!”But this time I suggest something else instead. I know, spangles still are… Read More

In Which I Become the Face of (Computing) Evil

Attached below, a screenshot of an article today from Business Insider: The site evidently snurched it from my Wikipedia entry. It’s amusing to see it getting around, although, of course, I would like to specify that in fact… Read More

Various and Sundry, 6/30/11

Holy crap, the year’s half done already. On this day, some various things I’m thinking about: * I hate to keep linking to Andrew Sullivan and saying, “yes, this,” but regarding his essay on Obama and why he… Read More

The Big Idea: Jacqueline Carey

Jacqueline Carey has a healthy respect for history — you have to know what you’re working with in order to change it so wildly, as she does in so many of her book. But as she learned in… Read More

My Daughter, Professional Photographer

For the September issue of Writer’s Digest, the magazine is including me as part of its “The Big 10″ feature, in which authors in ten different publishing genres talk about writing and publishing in their genre (I am,… Read More

Mastering One’s Own Domain, and No, This is Not a Seinfeld Reference

I was asked by an aspiring writer whether at this point it’s still worth it as a writer to own one’s own domain, i.e., in the age of everyone being on Facebook, setting up one’s online shingle elsewhere… Read More

The Curious Case of the Self Aware Cars

Over at FilmCritic.com, I take on what is perhaps the most important question of our age: Do the Cars films, filled as they are with talking, self-aware cars, count as science fiction or fantasy — or something else… Read More

The Big Idea: Lawrence M. Schoen

It’s no surprise that we enjoy the books we read — it’s the reason we read most of the books we do. But do we find joy in them? It’s a small but telling distinction, and one that… Read More

Video Games Protected By the First Amendment; Still Open Season on Zombies

So says the Supreme Court in a 7-2 ruling (about the video games being protected speech, not the zombies part, to be clear). You can see the entire ruling here (pdf link). This isn’t a particularly surprising ruling,… Read More

BYOB As You’ve Never Experienced It Before

Via the estimable Greg van Eekhout (see his recent Big Idea piece here), a picture of how the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego is promoting my upcoming author event there: Note: I will not be signing any… Read More

ALA 2011 Recap

I spent the weekend in New Orleans for the American Library Association’s annual meet-up, which means I got to hang about with librarians and other authors, two of my favorite categories of people. The big event of my… Read More

Heading Home From New Orleans

Sitting in the airport now, getting ready to get on a plane. Because if I was getting ready to get on a train, man, would I be in the wrong place. I had a good weekend. How about… Read More

New York Puts a Ring On It

Congratulations to same-sex couples in New York: In 30 days you can get married there, if you want to be. No more schlepping to Massachusetts or Connecticut! And what a relief that will be. Not that those aren’t… Read More

The Obligatory View Out My Hotel Window

And there you are. Enjoy it. In other news, I have quite obviously arrived in New Orleans. Hello!

I’ve Got the Ways and Means to New Orleans

Where I will eat naught but beignets and po’ boys. Or so I have been told to do. I may not follow that one exactly. To those of you folks at ALA this year: See you soon. To… Read More


Athena was admiring my ukulele and enjoying playing it, so I figured, what the heck. Thus, we are now a two-ukulele family. No doubt soon we will go out on tour as a musical act. Krissy will be… Read More

The Big Idea: Erin Hoffman

Do you feel our universe has its quota of rabble-rousers? If you do, you and Erin Hoffman will have to agree to disagree, because Hoffman is of the opinion that we’re not quite up to speed on that… Read More

Summer Photo Sampler

Thought I’d get one out there. It being summer and all.

That’s My Soul Up There

Charlie Stross today has penned a thoughtful piece on why you shouldn’t be waiting up for The Singularity. It’s fun and interesting stuff, but I have a small quibble with his thoughts on the theological implications of uploading… Read More

Giving It a Rest

This week’s FilmCritic column is a plea for science fiction filmmakers to show a little originality by way of pointing out several all-too-familiar tropes that could use a rest, for, oh, a decade or so (and noting which… Read More