“Fuzzy Man” Remix Contest Reminder

I know there are a number of very talented musician folks among the Whatever readers, so allow me to take a moment to remind those of you musically inclined that the fabulous Paul and Storm are running a… Read More

It’s Like Your Ears Were There

Wish you could have been at Phoenix Comicon last week to enjoy the many fantastic panels and personalities (including, uh, me)? Sadly, a working time machine has not been offered to the public, but here’s the next best… Read More

School is Out

And now it’s time to play, all summer long. Here’s Athena getting a head start on it, immediately after school let out on the last day. Some of you may remember the shirt Athena is wearing as being… Read More

The Big Idea: Jonathan Walker

Sophisticates will snark about someone who still reads a book with pictures, but those “sophisticates” have not met Jonathan Walker. As Walker explains in this introduction to his novel Five Wounds (co-produced with illustrator Dan Hallett), the presence… Read More