A Nice Ranking

I’m not so lacking in vanity that I won’t admit to this being nice:

Coffee Shop at the moment is the number one writing book on Kindle (and #3 writing book of any sort on Amazon). It’s nice while it lasts. And it’s gratifying to see this much interest in a book this far along in its life cycle (it was originally released in 2007, after all). So, thank you, folks. I appreciate it.

10 thoughts on “A Nice Ranking

  1. This is a book I’d be meaning to check out, but unfortunately it will have to wait a little longer: it doesn’t appear in the Kindle store for me (likely because I have region set to “Canada”, being Canadian and all).

    So…it that intentional? Or just one of those weird contract things that occasionally annoys us non-USA folks?

  2. Is there any plans for a reprint? I don’t have a kindle and sadly can’t spring $150 for either that or whatever a hard copy is going for on Amazon.

  3. Three books that I need to get. Hopefully these will help me take a step up from POD publishers.

    Come on, you must be pretty proud. At least the bank balance should be :)

  4. Congrats!!! I’m gonna have to check it out. (Cue Sarcasm) Thanks John for writing ANOTHER book I have to read.

  5. Downloaded it from B&N last night.
    One of your e-stalkers, I mean “Valued Readers”, damn!

  6. FWIW, the Kindle editions of the books currently at 2 and 3 on that chart are on sale for a much reduced price at the moment on Amazon.com, so if anyone is thinking of grabbing lots of how-to books for their Kindle, now’s the time. And I very much enjoyed ‘You’re Not Fooling Anyone’, even though I do in fact very much enjoy writing in coffee shops – although they’re usually ones I know are going to be quiet and empty when I’m there.

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