I Have Too Much Work Today, So Here’s a Pretty Redhead With a Pleasant Voice Playing “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the Ukulele

Says what it does, does what it says. Be back when I clear the decks.

25 Comments on “I Have Too Much Work Today, So Here’s a Pretty Redhead With a Pleasant Voice Playing “Don’t Stop Believin'” on the Ukulele

  1. Thanks! I needed that. My daughter is sick on her very last day of high school ever and I’ve got too much work to be taking time out to take care of her, but I am anyway.

  2. Going out to YouTubes, is cool to see how much Ukulele is out there. If nothing else, teh intertubes are cool for giving folks a bit of connection with others on stuff like this.

  3. No! I have too much to do today to get sucked into finding out just how many uke covers of Journey there are on YouTube…

  4. Pleasant, indeed. But that American Idol-style singing loop-di-loops around the melody drives me nuts.

    “…there are simply too many notes…”
    –Emperor Joseph II

    Trust him, kids. He’s the emperor.

  5. It’s a phenomenal song though, isn’t it. And a performance that’s particularly easy on all the sensory organs.

  6. By that I mean the eyes, and you know, the ears. Also it’s touching, fragrant and tasty!

  7. How do I know I’ve heard a song one two many times? When a pretty redhead sings it while playing ukulele, and I can’t make it through to the end.

  8. I’m going to McCabe’s and buying TWO ukelele’s this weekend. Not one, two. Thanks!

  9. Watching this, I have come to the incisive realization that Journey is ABBA for straight people.

  10. All these ukeleles songs make me worry that the next instrumental fad will be the accordion. There are limits.

  11. Ok, so are ukes a new Thing? I was at a concert last night and, by damn, there was another one!

    Hey, accordions are cool!

  12. That’s not actually how it’s spelt – especially the last one! – but you seem to be having so much fun that way, maybe they should change it.

  13. Cassie@14: BS. You call yourself a northeast Ohioan? Shame on you. There will be an accordion renaissance and I intend to lead it! (I’ve asked for a Cajun button box for my birthday.)

  14. The only one you need…

    Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I present…
    The Cthukulele
    A Link

  15. Nice pause music.

    And – yes, it isn’t essential to he active on the net every day. However it is addictive.

  16. Hey, it’s me, the girl in the video! My friend Sam sent me the link to this, and it’s blowing my mind! Thanks for the blog post. Hope I made your day easier. Check out some of my other videos if you get a chance. Cheers!

  17. This reminds me of the Rock Sugar video you posted a couple of years ago… dammit, now I have to go listen to Metallica/Journey again. :D