My Writer’s Digest Interview Now Online

And with the headline, “Science Fiction Author John Scalzi Explains How Not to Be Boring.” Usually the answer to that is “Spangles! And lots of them!”But this time I suggest something else instead. I know, spangles still are… Read More

In Which I Become the Face of (Computing) Evil

Attached below, a screenshot of an article today from Business Insider: The site evidently snurched it from my Wikipedia entry. It’s amusing to see it getting around, although, of course, I would like to specify that in fact… Read More

Various and Sundry, 6/30/11

Holy crap, the year’s half done already. On this day, some various things I’m thinking about: * I hate to keep linking to Andrew Sullivan and saying, “yes, this,” but regarding his essay on Obama and why he… Read More

The Big Idea: Jacqueline Carey

Jacqueline Carey has a healthy respect for history — you have to know what you’re working with in order to change it so wildly, as she does in so many of her book. But as she learned in… Read More