9 thoughts on “For Your Canada Day Pleasure

  1. Yay us! Thanks for the birthday wishes, Mr. Scalzi. 144 years young. Time to go set off fireworks and wake up my neighbors.

  2. Thank you! What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do!

    I’ll be offering up a toast to the Scalzi family’s health and happiness!

    Happy Canada Day!!

  3. Indeed. Happy Canada Day to our friends (after all we’ve done to them) to the north. May we always squabble like brothers and sisters, and always unite against our common foes.

  4. the land of bacon potato chips! i’m so glad you actually *know* when canada’s birthday is, and acknowledge it even! : )

  5. It’s good to be Canadian! Wheee! And they sent us a thunderstorm t’boot. That’s generosity for ya, eh?

  6. I too love this song and Sarah. I saw her live at Massey Hall here in Toronto. She was wonderful.

    I’ll be flying to San Jose, CA tomorrow to visit friends. My first every July 4th! Double birthday weekend…

  7. Merci beaucoup, M. Scalzi! And here’s hoping our neighbours to the south have themselves a happy birthday on Monday!

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