15 thoughts on “Your Endless Summer Begins Here

  1. I know EXACTLY where you are, and I am jealous. Enjoy your stay in America’s Finest City. :)

  2. Still a bit North of there in the Great Hot Valley, but it’s only supposed to be 99 Saturday. And we do still have In-N-Out.

  3. That is close to where I go body surfing in La Jolla, or at least I think is, you are near the peer right?

  4. I was also wondering where that is. It isn’t Black’s, so I’m guessing La Jolla Shores, down by Scripps with the big park behind the beach?

  5. Well, okay, that’s pretty. Not envious, though. My sweetums and I have been having breakfasts out on our back deck/porch, admiring the light filtering through the misty woods behind our place and watching bluebird young’uns learn to fly and such.

    Summer doesn’t suck.

  6. #6: “Summer doesn’t suck.”

    Unless you live in Houston, where it’s too pretty to stay inside and too humid to stay outside.

    What’s a girl to do?


  7. Do take a drive up the coast on Route 1 / El Camino through all the little beach towns if you get a chance. Encinitas is particularly nice IMO.

  8. Looks like La Jolla Shores, in which case Blacks beach is a mile or so walk to the right. I wonder if it’s still clothing optional.

  9. When I have more money than I need, I will make La Jolla my home. The most perfect weather in the world.

  10. Yeah, I work in La Jolla, I really need to make it down to the beach. Maybe I’ll go today.

  11. Oooh, I just remembered. You should take the road down to Black’s and then turn left to check out the Mushroom House. It’s very cool in a sort of 60s/James Bond futuristic kind of way.

  12. My then 3 year old daughter once puked on that beach. But it was a while ago, so no worries.

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