12 thoughts on “The Last Day to Vote for the Hugos

  1. I voted last night. Or it might have been this morning sometime after 12:01am and before 1:35am.

  2. I also voted last night.

    I have been a Supporting Member ever since you organized the first voting packet. I know you’ve got quite a few of them at this point, but that is a fine legacy for you to have.

    Have you considered Hugo Voting ponies?

  3. #2: Since the Hugos are all about SF/F, what about either robotic ponies for the SF fans, or unicorns for the F fans?

  4. My ballot has been submitted. Looking forward to learning the results at Renovation!

  5. I voted yesterday, at least for the categories I’d succeeded in reading/watching. Next year I’m going to have to start way way earlier.

  6. Voted! And am finally getting myself an eReader at least partly because I kept thinking “boy, this would be easier if I didn’t have to sit at the computer” … so next year I expect to have my ballot in crazy early for a change, like a whole 48 hours before deadline!

  7. #3 – What was your thought process on the short story voting, if you don’t mind sharing. I was torn between two at the top. The rest then fell into place for me pretty easy.

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