Facebook-Related Announcement

It’s been clear for some time that my Facebook presence was getting progressively unmanagable, so I’ve gone ahead and done something that I should have done a while ago, which was to convert my personal account there into… Read More

Personal Updatery, 7/25/11

Updates from the Scalzi Compound. * For those of you who wondered whether I hit my deadline last Friday: I did not. BUT — as my deadline was Friday afternoon and the editor wasn’t going to do anything… Read More

Lopsided Cat Wishes to Inform You That I Am Taking the Weekend Off

I suppose I could have told you myself. But I think it sounds better coming from him. See you all on Monday.

Just For the Record

I did learn “Every Day I Write the Book” on ukulele today. After I turned my work, of course.

A Week of Silly Polls #4 & #5: Deadline Day!

A doubleheader for deadline day!   Now, don’t bother me. I’m WORKING.  

Hey, Want To See Some Cool OMW Fan Art?

Then click here. NOTE: The fan art, while very cool, also portrays a violent scene in the book, involving messy things happening to someone’s head. Be ready for the splatter. The artist is Kat Harpin, and you can… Read More

The Enbifocalizationingness Has Ocurrinated

Or, in language that is slightly more related to English, I’ve got my new glasses, with bifocal lenses. Here they are. I went with progressive lenses and the glasses are rimless. I think they look fairly decent. My… Read More

Here, Have a Cat

And some flowers, too. Because both are nice. Unless you have allergies to one or both. In which case, you’re probably already sneezing. Sorry about that. Back to the word mines for me.

Sunset, 7/20/11

What those of you in time zones West of here have to look forward to: Note: Actual sunset may vary by location. Not responsible for rainouts.

The Difference a Day Makes

There. Totally de-kewpiefied. I feel much better now.

Captain America, Harry Potter, Movie Deal Update

In this week’s FilmCritic.com column, I discuss all three! And in that order, even! Go check it out. Because every time someone links to my column from here, a sparkly unicorn gets its wings. It’s true. And when… Read More

A Week of Silly Polls #3: The End of All Things

The end is coming! Stock up on beans and pillows!

How I Know It’s Time For a Trim

When the hair goes up in a kewpie doll point, it’s time to haul out the trimmer. It’s not a good look on a 42-year-old man.

Bachmann’s Headache

E-mail from folks asking if I have anything to say about the report that Michelle Bachmann suffers from migraines so painful she needs medication for them. Sure, I have something to say: Migraines really suck, and if Ms…. Read More

A Week of Silly Polls #2: Find the Psychopath!


The Big Idea: Ann VanderMeer

The challenge of creating an anthology is not just putting together excellent contributors on an interesting topic — it’s also how to make your collection stand out, so it’s irresistible to the people buying books. Ann VanderMeer has… Read More

Uh-Oh, It’s a Lifestyle

The folks at Mini, apparently in an attempt to make me feel like the sum I dropped for our new car has opened up new and aspirational lifestyle vistas for me and my family, sent us the small… Read More

Bye Bye Borders

This is not terribly unexpected but still not good news: There will be no storybook ending for Borders. The 40-year old book seller could start liquidating its 399 remaining stores as early as Friday. The chain, which helped… Read More

A Week of Silly Polls #1: Animals and Opposable Thumbs

I’ve got a project with a hard deadline of Friday, which means I don’t have a lot of time to play here this week. But I hate leaving you with nothing to do, so all this week, while… Read More

A Small Observation Regarding Words and Releases

I’ve noted before that comparing one author’s process and career with another’s is a situation fraught with difficulty (and often, some stupidity), so take the following with a grain of salt. That said, for everyone who ever bitched… Read More