Today’s Advertisements for Myself

Out there in the world are some nice recent pieces about me and/or my latest book: 1. My local paper, the Dayton Daily News, has run a feature about me and Fuzzy Nation, with a focus on what… Read More

Visiting Dog is Visiting (Again)

I know how passionate you all are about the comings and goings of the various lesser beasts in the house, so it is incumbent upon me to inform you that Visiting Dog is once again visiting, and as… Read More

First They Came For the Trees and I Said Nothing Because I Was Not a Tree

I looked out the window this morning and saw this funny yellow vehicle out by my trees. And I said, huh, I wonder what that funny yellow vehicle is doing out by the trees. And then fifteen minutes… Read More

The Debt Thing

Lots of you asking me what I thought about this, including one correspondent who asked the question thusly: “Will there be an economy in three weeks?” At this point, yes, I think so, if only because Mitch McConnell… Read More

SFWA and Night Shade Books, Revisited

For those of you who are SFWA members or who otherwise might be interested, an update from SFWA regarding Night Shade Books and its probationary status.

A Writer, Pausing

No, not me. I have deadlines. But notable writer Steph Swainston, who was in my Campbell Award class, is stepping back from writing to become a chemistry teacher. Why is she doing so? The Independent has the story,… Read More

This is Useful to Remember

Sort of the flipside to this. It’s also worth remembering that if you do decide to attend an argument, you don’t have to stay until the end; you can get out early, before everyone else is rushing for… Read More

The People Have Spoken

And I am proud to introduce my new Google+ circle: Who is in it? Everyone in my contacts whose last name starts with a “B,” of course. Also, those who are bees. Of which at this point admittedly… Read More

Pick the Title of My Next Google+ Circle: A Poll

Because I’m sure I’ll need another one at some point. Remember, this is for posterity. So choose wisely.

So Long, Harry

I believe it would actually be against the law for me to not note the last Harry Potter film in this week’s FilmCritic.com column, so this week I ask: Will we ever see something like the Harry Potter… Read More

Our Furry Visitor

Which we caught dining out of the bird feeder on the porch. We’re going to have to do something about that. The little dude’s cute, but it’s only a matter of time before the dog will feel the… Read More

Wolfgang Petersen on Old Man’s War

In an interview otherwise about Das Boot, Wolfgang Peterson is asked about Old Man’s War, which as you probably know by this point he’s slated to direct in movie form. Here’s what he had to say: CraveOnline: I… Read More

Another Part of the Gen-X Childhood Done and Over

Sherwood Schwartz, ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and ‘Brady Bunch’ creator, dead at 94 They were both kind of terrible shows, you know. You watch them today and you’re kind of agog; they’re related to Arrested Development and 30 Rock the… Read More

Now It Can Be Told, Sort Of

Many of you are aware that at any one time I am, in addition to my novels, working on various Seekrit Projects, some of which pan out, and some of which do not. Here’s one that did not:… Read More

A Big Idea Reminder for Authors

It is: I’m getting a lot of authors in the last couple of months asking whether I’ll take e-book only or self-published works. The short answer is no; the slightly longer answer is to read the Big Idea… Read More

My Instant Google+ Review

Folks have been asking me for my thoughts on Google+, the new Googlelicious social network, so: I like it, for a few reasons: One, it doesn’t have an arbitrary cap on the number of people you can connect… Read More

Clarion and San Diego

For those of you who like these sorts of things, a recap of my last week. Clarion: No real specifics here on account that I told the Clarion students that what goes on there stays there, and I… Read More

What the Other Scalzis Were Doing in San Diego

So what did Athena and Krissy do while I was teaching at Clarion? Commune with dolphins, as you can see from the picture above. I was all for this until they came back to the apartment we were… Read More

On My Way Home

Clarion has wrapped up for me, although not for the students (they have four weeks to go, and Elizabeth Bear is their next instructor). I’ll have more to say about it later, but the short form is: A… Read More

The Big Idea: Diana Rowland

What if everything you knew about zombies was… well, if not exactly wrong, at least somewhat up to negotiation? Author Diana Rowland asked herself this question while thinking about the subject of her latest book, My Life as… Read More