Tonight’s Sunset, Photographed by Athena

See. This is why I gave her my old dSLR.

To The Commenter Currently Languishing in My Moderation Queue, and Soon to Be In My Trash Bin

When the first words of your comment are “Apologies for an off-topic comment, but…,” followed by a rather lengthy comment which is indeed entirely unrelated to the comment thread at hand, you are signaling two things: 1. That… Read More

Last-Minute Appearance Notice: Saturday at Context 24 in Columbus

The folks at Columbus’ Context 24 convention contacted me yesterday with some bad news: Their Guest of Honor, L.E. Modesitt, had to withdraw unexpectedly due to unavoidable personal circumstances, and they were hoping that I might be able… Read More

Five Steps to a Classic Science Fiction Film

Over at FilmCritic.com, I look at what it takes for a science fiction film to be considered a classic by asking five questions; the more questions a film can answer “yes” to, the more likely the film will… Read More