Win One of Ten Copies of Cherie Priest’s Ganymede

UPDATE: 12:03: They’ve all been given away. Thanks! My pal Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press has ten copies of Ganymede, the latest installment of Cherie Priest’s terrific Clockwork Century series, and you can win one if you live… Read More

I Missed This Because I Was Away From the Internet Earlier This Week

And if you missed it too, SFSignal’s flowchart for NPR’s Top 100 Science Fiction and Fantasy Books is pretty awesome. And as a bonus it pegs Old Man’s War reasonably well. Check it out.

My Only Comment on the End of the Baseball Season Last Night

I very strongly suspect the Yankees intentionally blew a seven run lead, just to mess with the Red Sox. Because that’s how it is between them. Discuss.

Small Housekeeping Note

Regarding the sidebar, as I know you are all passionately interested. 1. The “Today’s Books Sent to Scalzi” feed is back because I started updating it again after a couple of weeks (reason for delay: Not a whole… Read More

Farewell, Suzuki Sidekick

We’ve been meaning to donate our Suzuki Sidekick since we took delivery on the Mini Countryman. Today was the day we finally did it, giving it to the local Ronald McDonald House Charities to auction off (or whatever)… Read More

The Big Idea: Thomas Mullen

Writers, almost by definition, have something to say. What they don’t always have, alas, is the knowledge of the best way to say it. We fumble about through revisions and drafts, adding characters and situations — and then… Read More

Mother and Daughter

The picture captures them pretty well, I have to say.

A Trip Into the Mailbag

Any time is a good time for a mailbag column at FilmCritic.com, answering questions on new films and previous columns. So this week I answer questions about whether Contagion is a science fiction film, why science fiction films… Read More

Two Scalzi Short Works, Now in E-Book Form

If you follow this link, you will see news from Subterranean Press that Nook and Kindle editions of “Questions For a Soldier” and “The Sagan Diary,” two short works set in the Old Man’s War universe (“Questions” takes… Read More

I Resent the Implication That I Have Become a Zombie of Some Sort

Honestly, just because I’m away from the blog for a day or two does not mean I’ve gone over to the undead side. Yes, my skin is pale and rotting. Yes, I find it hard to enunciate with… Read More

Not Dead, I SWEAR

Just busy with real world stuff today. Will attempt to update later when real world stuff gets squared away. 

Another From the Ministry of Dogs and Cats Living Together

Awwww. They’re pals, they are.

Look and Feel Update, 9/23/11

So, yes, I’ve gone ahead and changed the blog theme here at Whatever, for two reasons. One, I was getting bored with the old theme, as I do about once every year. Two, the previous theme did not… Read More

Don’t Panic

I’m fiddling with the look of the site. Everything will be fine in a bit.

A Book With an Oddly Resonant Title for These Here Parts

The folks over at National Geographic sent along to me one of their latest books, figuring I might appreciate it, given its title. And, well. Yes. It does intrigue me on the title alone. It’s also a pretty… Read More

Various & Sundry 9/23/11

What’s up? Well: * For those folks still interested in the follow-up to the Redshirts auction will be happy to know that I met with the library folks today and they are very happy about everything that’s happened,… Read More

It’s My Sister’s Birthday

She’s the one in the pigtails here, to be clear. A happy 44th to her — she’s spending it in Austin, Texas, actually, which is not a bad place to be on one’s birthday.

Let It Not Be Said That I Am Not Actively Fulfilling My Obligations

For the ukulele performance, Redshirts auction winner Brad Roberts said that any tune I favored will do. Well, this particular tune is pretty easy (four chords! Over and over!) and I know it reasonably well. So there it… Read More

The Big Idea: Karen Healey

The unexpected: When it happens in books, it’s interesting. When it happens in real life it’s interesting too, although not always in the same way. During the writing of her highly praised novel The Shattering (“an intense and… Read More

Comment Fiddlination

Folks: I’m trying out a new comment system associated with WordPress called IntenseDebate, which should offer (me at least) a little more functionality as regarding handling comments here. What this means is that over the next little while… Read More