Oh, and a Frankly Bizarre Question for You to Ponder

Am I wrong with my assumption that, generally speaking, foods described as “crispy” are physically thinner than foods described as “crunchy”? Or is this yet another manifestation of my particular variety of madness? Discuss.

A Fun Literary-Related Post for Your Friday Afternoon

At the Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Cincinnati, Dave Powell frequently does awesome chalk artwork to promote the authors who come by to talk and sign their books. He’s put some of these chalk lit artworks up on the Web,… Read More

A Small Thing You May Wish to Know About My Upcoming Novel

It’s mentioned here in this announcement in the September ’11 issue of Locus: And now you know. Well, you and a couple of thousand other people, all of whom showed up to my readings over the last several… Read More

What to Do About the Dickheads

In the comment thread for “The Sort of Crap I Don’t Get” comes this question from JustaTech: What can we as blog readers and comment-leavers do about the entire issue of trolls and abusive commenters? Some of the… Read More