Mother and Daughter

The picture captures them pretty well, I have to say.

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  1. It does indeed. Love the hat your daughter has. Blue looks very good on her.

  2. Fan-TAS-tic cloche on Athena. Here’s hoping she’s a trendsetter. I could use one just like it in lime.

  3. That is an awesome hat. Reminds me of the awesome blue hat I had in high school, though mine was a fedora.

  4. Great picture…Athena has a wonderful mix of both of her parents!

  5. It is definitely a beautiful picture! I could have sworn that hat was purple. Must be gettin’ old. Love you all . . .

  6. Man, you totally scored. I mean, really. You’re an awesome guy and all that, but how lucky are you have such a gorgeous wife and fashionably beautiful daughter?

  7. Whew! That’s a relief, to know that I was correct to think hat/shirt are purple. I do have terrible eyesight, so I wouldn’t have been altogether surprised if they were blue, but all the same, I’m glad I was right.

    Lovely wife and daughter you have there, sir!


  8. You’re going to need a Shotgun of Loving Protection for Athena /soon/.

  9. We’re adopting soon, and I can only hope that the kid we get at the baby store is anywhere near half as awesome as yours.

  10. I am wary of the thoughts rolling around under that purple brim. I mean look at those eyes. That smirk. There’s trouble a-brewin’.

  11. Loooove Athena’s hat, very ladylike!! Thumbs up for her clothing choices ;o)))

  12. Great photo! Sun back lighting and fill flash used to perfection. Your photography skills showcase your beautiful family.

  13. awesome hat.
    Did she fight a jaeger for it?

    and if it is really purple then see if you left the white balance setting on ‘indoor’ or something.

    automatic white balance *usually* does a good job, but not always. I have gotten in the habit of selecting a white balance manually.

    photoshop should have a tool for white balance correction. click on something in the picture that you know is white and it will balance the colors so the object appears white. you might be able to click on tha cloud and correct the photo so the hat looks purple. otherwise you’ll have to play around with color temperatures or something.

    the best way is to cary around something white and take a picture of it in the same setting the other pictures wil be taken. my canon has a mode where I select the ‘custom white balance’ and it asks me to take a picture of something white. then it calibrates all photos after that to exactly match the lighting conditions you are in.

  14. They look so much alike in the picture. The eyes especially. Beautiful.

  15. That hat is the bee’s knees.

    I have no idea why that’s a compliment, but it is. Lovely family, John.

  16. It is so cool how much you love your spouse and daughter, and how open you are about it. Yay for happy families!