My Only Comment on the End of the Baseball Season Last Night

I very strongly suspect the Yankees intentionally blew a seven run lead, just to mess with the Red Sox. Because that’s how it is between them. Discuss.

Small Housekeeping Note

Regarding the sidebar, as I know you are all passionately interested. 1. The “Today’s Books Sent to Scalzi” feed is back because I started updating it again after a couple of weeks (reason for delay: Not a whole… Read More

Farewell, Suzuki Sidekick

We’ve been meaning to donate our Suzuki Sidekick since we took delivery on the Mini Countryman. Today was the day we finally did it, giving it to the local Ronald McDonald House Charities to auction off (or whatever)… Read More

The Big Idea: Thomas Mullen

Writers, almost by definition, have something to say. What they don’t always have, alas, is the knowledge of the best way to say it. We fumble about through revisions and drafts, adding characters and situations — and then… Read More