One Additional Library Thought

I’ve had a couple of people e-mail me to say that although the Redshirts library auction is over, they’re still interested in donating a little money to my library, and wanted to know how to do it. The… Read More

Don’t Give Me Any Ideas

From time to time someone will send me an e-mail with an idea for a story or a novel, presumably because they’re not going to use it but they think it should be used by someone, and particularly… Read More

The Big Idea: S.M. Stirling

I often think to myself how lucky I am to have born when I was — not just in a general sense, but in the sense of being a writer. I swear, if I had to write a… Read More

A World Without Star Wars

What would have happened if in 1977, instead of releasing Star Wars, George Lucas released… nothing at all? The science fiction and film worlds would be very different, is what. I detail some of the differences in my… Read More

“Redshirt” Auction: What it Brought In (Hint: More Than You Think)

So the “Redshirt” auction ended last night on time, and the fabulous Brad Roberts took the pre-pub bound manuscript of the novel — and two rare chapbooks, and two even rarer pre-pub bound manuscripts, and a song played… Read More

LAST DAY for the “Redshirts” Auction to Benefit the Bradford, Ohio Public Library

Yes! It is the last day! You have only until 11:59:59pm Eastern time to get your bid in to win the pre-publication bound manuscript of my upcoming novel Redshirts, plus a raft of other goodies, the bounty of… Read More

Kristine Blauser Scalzi, 9/18/11

Because any day is a fine day to take a picture of my wife.

Doing Family Things With Family

Because the last time I tried to do family things with random strangers, there was that whole “restraining order” business. And I don’t want to have to deal with that again. So: Hey! See you all tomorrow.

The Voice of a Generation, With a Trenchant Plea We All Need to Hear

The irony is that it is likely to be forwarded to everyone by everyone, thus becoming the very thing it laments. Welcome to the Internet!

Go Maroons

The New York Times has a nice write-up about the football team of my alma mater, the University of Chicago, and what the sport means to a place where the students are proud of the reputation of the… Read More

This Post Is Dedicated to Joe “I Totally Love RUSH” Hill

You are today’s Tom Sawyer, Joe. Never forget that, my friend.

A Whole Lot of Sky

You guys usually see this view when it has a sunset in it. But today I thought showing off the wide variety of clouds in the sky. I count at least four different types. How many can you… Read More

The Big Idea: Christopher Buehlman

You can admire literature for the craft that an author puts into his or her words, but the words are supposed to be working too — building a world that thrills or chills you — and a writer’s… Read More

“Questions for a Soldier” in Subterranean Magazine #8

For a number of years now, the only way you could get “Questions for a Soldier,” the first short story I wrote set in the Old Man’s War universe — and which features John Perry making an early… Read More

“Redshirts” Auction Update

First: Gaze upon the Redshirts manuscript, returned to me by the copy editor and full of red marks. Full! Which is to be expected; while I am not a copy editor’s worst nightmare, neither are my manuscripts complete… Read More

German October Tour Itinerary

I promised folks I would post dates on my German tour when I had them, and here they are — most of them in any event. I do not have all the details regarding time/cost of event for… Read More

The Big Idea: Jennifer K. Chung

Quick — you have to write a novel in three days. What do you do? What do you do? Jennifer K. Chung knows: She wrote her novel Terroryaki! for the 3-Day Novel Contest that takes place each year… Read More

Why Ellen Ripley is a Problem for Science Fiction Film

Over at FilmCritic.com today, I talk about who is the best female science fiction film character in history (you should be able to guess from the picture and headline) and why that’s actually a problem for science fiction… Read More

“Redshirts” Auction to Benefit the Bradford, Ohio Public Library

The short version: I have recently delivered to my publisher my latest novel Redshirts: A Novel With Three Codas and am offering a special pre-publication bound manuscript version of the novel to auction to benefit the Bradford, Ohio… Read More

Quick Takes on Two Things of Passing Literary Interest

As they have been of interest to folks: The YAGay Thing: Which is, briefly, two authors shopping a YA novel were offered a deal by and agent if they swapped the sexuality of a character from gay to… Read More