Your Werewolf Will Attack You Now

“You are here for the 6:00 pm savaging, correct? Because I have a very busy schedule tonight.” Apropos to this year’s Halloween sartorial choices: Have fun out there tonight, kids.

This Is Halloween

And I’m taking the day off. Have a fine All Hallow’s Eve. See you in November.

How I Know There’s Something Just a Little Bit Wrong With Me, #7,212

This zombie? From The Walking Dead? Yeah, I think she’s a little bit hot. I mean, if one of the undead has to eat my brain? This one. Don’t look at me like that. I said there was… Read More

Why It’s Snowing

Look, people: When the stores kept putting up the Christmas decorations before Halloween, what did you think was going to happen? (Picture from here.)  

For All You Children of the 80s Out There

Missilebreak Outvaders. Yes, a mashup of Missile Command, Break Out and Space Invaders. Sorry about the ad that runs first, they have to pay for things, I suppose. But it’ll be worth it. You’re welcome. (Hat tip: Metafilter)

Silver Lining

It’s never fun to sleep poorly and be up early because of it, but on the other hand it was a nice sunrise.

Your Friday Afternoon Bit of Amusement

Also, it’s nice to hear that The Postal Service has opened a franchise in Japan.

And Now, the Cover to Redshirts

Irene Gallo, Tor’s art director, tells the story of this cover over at Tor.com, including showing off some alternative covers. Go take a look while I write up my own comments here. This post will be updated with… Read More

Occupy My Brain

Question today in e-mail: [Today’s] Big Idea got me to noticing that you haven’t weighed in on the Occupy phenom — curious, that. Staying out of it? Not so much staying out of it as recognizing that I… Read More

Further Proof Bacon Cat Will Never Die

Ghlaghghee is featured in Gene Weingarten’s column in the Washington Post today. Enjoy. Update, 5:08pm: And a rebuttal, also in the Post. Also featuring my cat. It’s a banner news day for Ghlaghghee!

The Big Idea: N.K. Jemisin

I have admiration for writer N.K. Jemisin. Not only because she’s one of the most accomplished and exciting fantasy writers to arrive in the last few years — as the praise and award nominations for the Inheritance Trilogy… Read More

Dear Angels: Hire Kim Ng

The Los Angeles Times has a terrific opinion piece by Helene Elliott on why the Angels baseball club (I believe at this point, the team’s full name is The California Angels of Los Angeles in Anaheim Where Disneyland… Read More

Reminder: I’m GoH at SFContario in Toronto, November 18 – 20

That’s right, Canada. You thought you were safe from me. But you are not. I have a passport! YOUR BORDER WILL NOT STOP ME. Uh, unless your border people go, “Dude, turn back, eh?” At which case I… Read More

The Big Idea: Lia Habel

Sparkly Zombies: A good idea? It’s a question one might ask of Lia Habel, whose novel Dearly, Departed features both romance and the dead. But as Habel explains in this Big Idea, there’s a fine line between creating… Read More

Shiny Happy Goth Gen-Xers Holding Hands

Two studies I find of some personal interest. The first, from the University of Michigan, notes that Gen-Xers (the generational cohort of which I am a part) is largely pretty damn happy, hardworking but balanced, and optimistic about… Read More

Slave Leia is SO 1983

Over at the FilmCritic.com column this week, I make suggestions for science fiction film-based costumes, of which “Slave Leia” is not only not one, but is in fact specifically forbidden. Why would I do such a rash act,… Read More

Sunset, October 25, 2011

The sun’s in there somewhere, trust me. Near the bottom. That yellow part. Yeah.

Meet the Library

For those who were curious about the institution I had hoped to help last month with my Redshirts auction, here’s what the Bradford Public Library looks like (from the outside at least). It’s small but mighty, and also… Read More

The Big Idea: Lauren McLaughlin

After a small time out coinciding with my trip to Germany, The Big Idea is back, and to get us back into the swing of things, we’ve got an interesting one for you by my friend Lauren McLaughlin,… Read More

And Now, the Most Interesting Cat in the World

“I do not always sleep on luggage. But when I do, I sleep on Samsonite™.” He’s either saying that or “Dude, really? I totally have bed head and you’re taking a picture of me now? Not cool.” Sorry,… Read More