A Quick Note to Writers

Dudes. If you ever have a chance to do a reading event at a planetarium, do it. That is all. (Which is to say I’ll have more to say but my brain is collapsing, so tomorrow.)

Now in Freiburg

Where they have quite the cathedral, as it happens. Begun in 1200! And they’re still doing construction (which you cannot see but which is top of frame). Perhaps it’s no so much that they’re still doing construction as… Read More

Meet Boris

One of the cool things about being an American author touring Germany is that at every stop, they have a German actor perform a bit from the German translation of your work. For example, this fellow, Boris Rosenberger,… Read More

E-Mail Down Briefly

Note to folks: my primary e-mail, john@scalzi.com, will be down briefly (less than an hour), while I fix the problem that’s been bouncing mails. Also, please note that while my account has been bouncing mail, I have been… Read More