Your Friday Afternoon Bit of Amusement

Also, it’s nice to hear that The Postal Service has opened a franchise in Japan.

21 Comments on “Your Friday Afternoon Bit of Amusement

  1. I’d say those guys had way too much time on their hands but,… wow! That was pretty amazing!

  2. I’m not sure I got that in the slightest either, but it was truly awesome. Definitely a must to watch it full-screen.

  3. Genki Sudo: He’s like a modern samurai… that can do the Robot.

  4. I don’t have the slightest idea of what that was about, but I love it anyway.

  5. That was fun – and a perfect video music birthday card for a Mexican friend of mine working a long way away from home. Thanks!

  6. Loved it – thanks. Though the Leon Trotsky grave kept distracting me.

  7. If you go watch the New York one, they’re performing in front of a big animated Coke Zero sign somewhere around 1:50.

    I was tempted to post this into the “Bacon Posts” thread, but it’s not QUITE as overdone, so.

  8. I love that fact that this guy was a MMA level fighter, and is now a 8 times published author, an actor and musician. I must have the albums all of them.

  9. Parts of it reminded me of the algorithm march from Pythagoras Switch:

  10. Well, I for one, don’t mind admitting that I have a fondness for Japanese pop music, as silly and upbeat as it typically sounds. It stems from my enjoyment of anime, I think. I thought the video was pretty fun as well, even if it didn’t have technicolor hair, giant robots piloted by prepubescents, human-animal hybrids, or ninjas.