And Here Comes the Standard Post-Trip Disclaimer

Which is: As I’ve been traveling for more than a week and didn’t pay attention to anything while I was away, including e-mail, Facebook, Google+, news or, well, anything, it will probably take me a couple of days… Read More

Final Thoughts on the Germany Trip

First: Dude, this town hall in Tübingen is both awesome and about 250 years older than my country. I still have a hard time wrapping my brain around that. Second: Now that I am back home, a few… Read More

Checking In

Hello, world. I am in America now. And hanging about in Philadelphia’s terminal F for the next few hours. I have a wall socket and a wifi hotspot. I am reasonably content. I had given some thought to… Read More

Going Home

I sure hope they’ve glued the wings onto the plane by the time I get to the airport! Note to Germany: Thanks. You were wonderful. Note to United States: I am coming. Pick the place up before I… Read More

Pictures of München

I walked around town today with my cell phone camera and went a little nuts with the Vignette filters. Wanna see? Go here. 

Tribble’s Tribbles

This is Conrad Tribble, the US Consul General in Munich, and yes, those are tribbles that he is holding and/or wearing, proving that he has a good sense of humor about his name. Consul General Tribble and his… Read More

München Says Hello

And they look happy to see you! Folks, the München event was fantastic. Another great reading in German from another great actor (whose name, I believe, is Alexander Meiler, although I may have messed up the last name,… Read More

In München

München, of course, being what the Germans call Munich, and when in Germany, etc. It occurs to me that during my entire trip here in Germany I have not done one of my customary “view from the hotel… Read More

Freiburg Recap

I mentioned last night, just before I collapsed into sleep, that if writers can do an event at a planetarium that they should really try it. The reason I suggest it, and particularly for science fiction writers, is… Read More

A Quick Note to Writers

Dudes. If you ever have a chance to do a reading event at a planetarium, do it. That is all. (Which is to say I’ll have more to say but my brain is collapsing, so tomorrow.)

Now in Freiburg

Where they have quite the cathedral, as it happens. Begun in 1200! And they’re still doing construction (which you cannot see but which is top of frame). Perhaps it’s no so much that they’re still doing construction as… Read More

Meet Boris

One of the cool things about being an American author touring Germany is that at every stop, they have a German actor perform a bit from the German translation of your work. For example, this fellow, Boris Rosenberger,… Read More

E-Mail Down Briefly

Note to folks: my primary e-mail, john@scalzi.com, will be down briefly (less than an hour), while I fix the problem that’s been bouncing mails. Also, please note that while my account has been bouncing mail, I have been… Read More

Me in a Suit and Tie

The Facebook page of the US Consulate General in Frankfurt is currently featuring pictures of me at my Frankfurt event. The page is here, and the direct link to the photo set is here. (The photo of me… Read More

Another View of Tübingen

This is the old part of town, which has parts the date back to, like, 1400 or something. If you’re an American, your experience with buildings that look like this comes out of animated Disney films, which means… Read More

In Tubingen

Which is in fact rather prettier than this gray picture would lead you to believe — it’s a bit rainy here at the moment. My hotel is quite pleasant, although my streak of hotels with lousy Internet continues;… Read More

Science Fiction Film Writing Prompts

This week over at my FilmCritic.com column, I thought I’d switch things up and have you try some writing — so I have thought up of twelve writing prompts, based on science fiction films, for you to consider… Read More

Stuttgart, Tuesday

Guten tag, alles. I am now in Stuttgart, which for those of you with an automotive bent, is the home town of Mercedes Benz. It’s a very industrious city from what I can see. Yesterday, I was in… Read More

My First Tour Appearance and Already I’m Clearly Punchy

“I can’t read this book! It’s like it’s written in another language or something!” The book, incidentally, is upside down for a reason, which is that I had commented that I read German so poorly that it would… Read More

Day Off

I have a day off today and I’m wandering around Frankfurt being a tourist. Check the Twitter feed for pictures. Otherwise I’ll catch up with all of you later.