The End of November

Off it goes. See you next time around, big guy.

Quentin Rowan Speaks

I was pointed in e-mail to this article by Quentin Rowan, the fellow who released a debut thriller novel that was widely praised for its skill in storytelling — possibly because much of it had been plagiarized from… Read More

Regarding Snobbery

Apropos of nothing in particular, a few thoughts on the subject of snobbery. 1. One is perfectly within one’s own prerogatives to feel snobby about things, if one feels invested in them in one way or another. 2…. Read More

Crunching the Numbers for Remakes

This week over at FilmCritic.com, I look at the economic argument for remakes, reboots and reimaginings; will a new version of an old story make more money than the original, when you adjust for inflation? I crunch the… Read More

Dëthsnöw! It is Upon Us!

Dear first snow of the season: Couldn’t wait two more days, could you. COULD YOU. Bastard.

Quick Note For Posterity

As of about an hour ago, November 2011 is Whatever’s most-visited month ever, beating out February 2010 (which had the Great Amazon/Macmillan Fracas in it). w00t! Nice to know in these crazy, Twitter and Facebook-laden days, that people… Read More

Book Title Announcement

Some of you may recall that in August I announced that I would have a book collection of my film columns out, in conjunction with the Boskone 49 science fiction convention in February, published by NESFA Press. That… Read More

Nebula Nomination Period Open

A quick reminder to SFWA members and other authors, editors, publishers and etc: The nomination period for the Nebula Awards (and also the Bradbury and Norton Awards) is now open, and will continue through February 15, 2012. For… Read More

Magick 4 Terri

Writer, artist and editor Terri Windling has hit a bad patch recently, thanks to some health and legal issues, and her community of peers and fans are coming together to help her out with Magick 4 Terri, an… Read More

Reminder: Chicon 7 Cyber Monday Sale

Hey, remember when I told you last week I would remind you today that Chicon 7, the 2012 Worldcon (of which I am the Toastmaster, don’t you know) was having a membership sale today? This is that reminder…. Read More


Experiencing a truly unique catastrophic system crash on my desktop computer, and I say that with the equanimity that only someone who is securely backed up (and has several other computers in the house) can have. Nevertheless, this… Read More

Juicy Sweet – Smeagol Fish Battering Song Dubstep Remix

Because I asked for it. This bit of awesomeness from a. lee carter. Update: 11/29, 2:30pm: For those of you coming over from FARK: 1. Hello. 2. The tweet that inspired this — and many other Lord of… Read More

Lopsided Cat, Considerate in His Way

“What’s that? You want to use the desk? Yes, well. Of course you may, at some point, for whatever incomprehensible talking monkey thing it is you do here when you are not scritching me. What? Writing? How adorable…. Read More

Lord of the Tweets

Last night both my wife and child were out for the evening and I was alone with a Lord of the Rings movie marathon on Encore, and access to Twitter. What happened next will be revealed, behind the… Read More

My Twitter Retweeting Policy

This is another one of my “write to refer people to later” posts. Because I have a fair number of Twitter followers, I am often asked to retweet posts, many relating to charities, fundraising events, petitions, Kickstarters, etc…. Read More

Thanksgiving Advent Calendar Wrapup

Well, that worked, I think. Twenty four entries and about 20,000 words written, on things I was thankful for, both serious and not-so-serious. The point of writing it, as I noted in the beginning, was to focus on… Read More

The Big Idea: Delia Sherman

When it comes to their projects, authors, like anyone, can bite off a little more than they can chew. The question is: What do they do then? This was the quandary that Delia Sherman found herself confronted with… Read More

Two Black Friday Notes (and One Cyber Monday Preview)

They are: 1. Remember that you may order my books from Jay and Mary’s Book Center, my local independent bookstore, and I will sign them and send them to you for the holidays. All the details are here…. Read More

Thanksgiving Sunset

Hope you all are having a fine Thanksgiving.

The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Four: Right Here, Right Now

There’s no way to note this without appearing just the tiniest bit morbid, so I’ll come right out and say it: One day, I will be dead. Indeed, if you are reading this in the future (and one… Read More