Oh, and Also: I’m Doing a Thanksgiving Advent Calendar Thingie This Month

By which I mean that every day of November through Thanksgiving (in the US), I’ll be writing a bit on something I’m thankful for. The reason? Mostly because I think the idea of Thanksgiving — of taking time… Read More

The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day One: Not Drinking Alcohol

When I was heading to Germany last month, people were very excited for me. “You’ll have a blast at Oktoberfest!” they said. “Germany has awesome beer!” That’s nice, I would say, except that a) Oktoberfest actually mostly happens… Read More

John Scalzi Did Not Co-Write The Forever War

A lot of folks use Twitter to track the books they are currently reading, which is nice because it lets me and other authors obsessively track when people are reading something we wrote. One of the books my… Read More