Hey Folks: Public Appearance Next Tuesday at Lehigh University

If you happen to live in or around the fine town of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, then next Tuesday you will have an opportunity to see me, as I am doing a public event at Lehigh University, from 4 to… Read More

The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Four: My Ukulele

The ukulele, of course, not being a big thing, either physically or existentially, on the list of things I am thankful for. But not everything has to be big for you to be thankful for it, and my… Read More

Beware the Wikipedia Scrapers

Over at Chaos Manor, Jerry Pournelle sounds an alarm about Hephaestus Books, which at first blush appears to be publishing his (and many other science fiction writers’) works without authorization, and cluttering up the search results of the… Read More

How I Voted, 2011

I mentioned over on Twitter that I voted early this year, because I was traveling on election day. This precipitated questions about how I voted, and in particular what my vote on Issue 2 was. All right, here’s… Read More

Adventures in Mouse Trapping

The shadowy form you see in this plastic container is a mouse, which I trapped in my bathroom after in fled from my dog, which only moments earlier had the poor thing in her mouth. She had been… Read More