Heading North

And East! To Toronto. So don’t expect huge amounts today. Will update after I get myself situated in Canada.

And if you are in Toronto, remember that this evening I am doing an event at the Merril Collection, at 7pm. Come, or I will be very disappointed. Because I came to Toronto to see you. Yes I did.

9 Comments on “Heading North

  1. Well, I’m not in Toronto. I’m in Austin. You went the wrong way. :-)

  2. Sorry to disapoint, but I wont be acutally in Toronto until tomorrow. You know, the whole having to work at 7AM in the morning thing. But I will see you at SFContario! And I’ll even have books for you to sign! (And will probably purchase additional books while I am there).

  3. I plan to be there assuming work doesn’t have other plans. And perhaps even if it does…

  4. Why even such erudite and well-travelled figures as Scalzi continually spell ‘Canadia’ wrong I’ll never understand.
    How you have a nice time in Toronto, Mr Scalzi.

  5. Welcome to Canada, Monsieur Scalzi, even if you are going to the wrong part of it.

  6. So when prominent U.S. SF writers go to Canada do we get a Canadian ones in exchange? I mean they should send down Margaret Atwood, Charles De Lint or some other prominent author as hostage so we’re sure to get you back John.

  7. Remember to say Chronno while you’re there. They expect it.

  8. You know, I hear Toronto’s a great place for a family man to move to.

    Just sayin’…

  9. Unless I somehow missed it, we haven’t yet seen a photo from your hotel window, John.

    I don’t think you’re really in Canada. :>ppp