17 thoughts on “Back to the US

  1. D’oh. Damn you HTML. That was meant to be:
    *pushes broken shards under the rug*
    *whistles innocently*
    And is all the more appropriate because I broke my post.

  2. I think so asms. It’s especially clear if you look over at Buffalo from the Canadian side of the border.

    Safe journey home John. It was nice to meet you, and you did an admirable job as a performing monkey!

  3. Jennifer, you have a good point, though right now when she runs around she mostly wants me holding her hands for balance (she only just started walking on her own a couple weeks ago) or otherwise really close by (Yay for clingy periods! *sigh*)

  4. I didn’t do it! I swear it was my brother. What do you mean he couldn’t have done it because he wasn’t home? Why are you asking me all of these questions?

  5. Um… That beer stain on Indiana? Chang did it. Can’t keep him out of my Yuengling stash. Yeah.

    And Mythago spilled the cheese dip on the comments section of the blog. Really. I don’t do cheese dip. I’m lactose intolerant.

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