30 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Twenty One: Krissy and Athena

  1. Something I really appreciate about you is that you’re not ashamed to be moosh-faced in public. The joy you have in your family is such that one can reach out and touch it, and that’s awesome.

  2. I totally saw this one coming, but thought you’d wait until the day before or day of Thanksgiving. Not that you’re trying to, but if past posts are any indication of you degree of thankfulness, you won’t be able to top this one.

  3. I remember seeing that first picture when Athena was born and now I’m all teary. I can’t believe how old Athena is now (or my own oldest daughter, who was born in 2000).

  4. My first thought when I saw the title in my email was What! they don’t each get their own day? But since you only have one heart, it makes perfect sense.

  5. In your place (and I ain’t, sadly), those two ladies would have been Day 1 material… or Thanksgiving day. You Sir are a fortunate man. :D

  6. “Gotta love the Purple Hat of Awesomeness!”


    Also: Ghlaughghee’s probably starting to feel unappreciated.

  7. You hear so much about sad families and tragic situations – it’s lovely (and encouraging) to be reminded that there are happy people out there who love and nurture each other.

    And I love the hat every bit as much as the first time you posted that pic.

  8. Yay, John & family. The average man says thank you to his wife and daughter probably only twice a week. You found a way to show over a decade’s worth of thanks and appreciation in three photos and one post. Well done, sir, well done.

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