Lopsided Cat Establishes His Dominance

Look, it’s not like he has anything against the lamp. But the lamp was where he wanted to nap. The lamp had to go.

The Thanksgiving Advent Calendar, Day Twenty Three: Friends

My oldest friend who I still know and stay in contact with is Kyle Brodie, whom I met in the second grade. We hit it off on the first day, not in class but on the bus ride… Read More

In Which I Make My First Presidential Campaign Contribution of the Election

To whom? you ask. Or maybe you don’t, as you naturally assume I will spend money on the candidate I expect to support in the general election. In which case you’d be wrong: I just sent $50 to… Read More

A Thanksgiving Advent Calendar Extra

In keeping with the concept for the month, over at FilmCritic.com, I explain what I’m thankful for when it comes to science fiction films. What is it? Clearly, you’ll need to click through to find out. Please do… Read More